U.S. War Tax Resisters Insured Against I.R.S. Penalties & Interest

After reading about the tally of interest and penalties I’d received from the IRS recently (see The Picket Line ), a reader asks:

I wonder whether there are enough people who would bind themselves together in a defense league of some sort, pledged to treat an assault upon one as an assault upon all?

There is something called the War Tax Resisters Penalty Fund that collects money from people who want to support war tax resisters but who aren’t ready to resist themselves, and then uses that money to reimburse resisters for the penalties they pay if the IRS succeeds in seizing money from them.

According to the fund’s promotional page: “ the fund has sent out 32 appeals for assistance ranging in amount from $2 to $30. Membership has grown during that time from 80 participants to nearly 550, representing 44 states plus the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and New Guinea. The Fund has reimbursed over $185,000, to more than 280 war tax resisters in 27 states and the District of Columbia in that time. This represents over 72% of the $255,000 that was requested. We welcome your participation. With more supporters, each person’s burden will be smaller, and each resister’s witness stronger!”

POLL: If the IRS collects from me, should I apply to the War Tax Resisters Penalty Fund for reimbursement?

YES: Solidarity is a good thing; spreading the risks makes it easier for others to resist.

NO: You knew the risks when you took your stand and you should swallow the loss yourself.

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