War Tax Resister Ginny Schneider

On the Ridley Report, Dave Ridley interviews war tax resister Ginny Sсhnеider about war tax resistance and the possibilities for a libertarian / progressive alliance over not being forced to pay for war:

Marj Halperin, in the Chicago News Examiner, examines the War Tax Resisters Penalty Fund:

The conservative call to send teabags to DC to protest high taxes may be based on a event, but organizers are newbies when compared to a 23-year-old tax protest underway in northern Indiana.

There, peace activists gave been quietly supporting those who dare to withhold taxes because they don’t want their money to support the US military budget. There’s a price to pay for that kind of protest, of course, in the form of penalties and interest on taxes due. That’s where the War Tax Resisters Penalty Fund (WTRPF) comes in.

At the NWTRCC website, you can download a newly-updated publication titled Stages of Conscientious Objection to Military Taxes.

It tries to describe the path that Quakers, Brethren, and others in the traditional peace churches take on their way to conscientious objection to military taxation:

  1. Making the Connection — support for the military conflicts with our peace testimony
  2. Recognizing that paying taxes for military purposes directly and personally involves a citizen in militarism
  3. Deciding to take action
  4. Saying “Yes”: Positive actions for peace
  5. Saying “No”: opposing taxes for military purposes

This pamphlet may be a useful way of reaching out to members of those Christian churches that claim to be peace-oriented.