Another Mess of Letters from the I.R.S.

I got another set of eight letters from the IRS today. It’s the usual set I get around this time every year, with one letter per year I haven’t paid taxes. The oldest year is missing, as it was last year. I interpreted that as meaning that the agency had given up on it, and sure enough last year they let it slip past the statute of limitations deadline without collecting. I’m hoping the same holds this year. However, there was also a missing year in the middle. The letters were forwarded from my previous address (I just moved at the beginning of the month), so that might have something to do with it.

(The missing year in the middle arrived a couple of days later; the missing year at the beginning has yet to arrive. ―, )

To make a long story short: no surprises here: just their “Annual reminder of balance due taxes” sent inefficiently in separate envelopes because it’s the government.