Rebellion Against Ticket-Issuing Traffic Cameras

A website calling itself is collecting news reports about varieties of citizen rebellion against ticket-generating traffic cameras, such as those that enforce speed limits. According to the site, these reports came in during alone:

  • Someone destroyed a ticketing machine in Washington, D.C.
  • French resisters disabled two camera with spray paint, another with a power saw, and authorities removed another after resisters set it on fire.
  • A man in North Ireland climbed on the roof of an occupied car to disable the ticket-issuing camera atop it.
  • Yellow socks, stickers, and black spray paint were among the means used to disable nearly a dozen ticket cameras in France.
  • French resisters burned a speed camera near Vivonne, and paint was used to disable ten others.
  • English resisters used a flaming tire to burn a camera in Oldbury.
  • Ecuadorian resisters disabled two speed cameras in Cuenca.
  • Australian resisters put a camera to the torch in Victoria.
  • Italian resisters pried open the box holding a camera, ripped out its electronics, and set it aflame.

A Washington, D.C. resister makes short work of a ticket camera.

A man with an umbrella blocks the view of a police camera van in Liverpool.

Destroying a ticket camera by hitching a passing streetcar to it.

A motorcyclist in the U.K. uses a burning tire full of petrol to put a ticket cam to the torch.

A compilation of photos of other U.K. ticket cameras after they have been burned out of commission.

Another angry driver shows how he blocks and discourages camera vans.