Hear from the Code Pink Tax Resistance Pledge Signers

Code Pink notes, of its audacious campaign to get 100,000 Americans to pledge to resist taxes, that “if we succeed, it will be the single largest war tax resistance in U.S. history.”

It has been heartwarming to read the comments left by some of those who have signed the pledge so far:

After my son’s second deployment when he related to me the horrors of the occupation in Iraq, I vowed I would do whatever it took to end it. As we urge our lawmakers to stop funding the war, we have to be willing to do the same. It is time we stop funding with our tax dollars.
Tina Richards, founder, Grassroots America
The world and history will judge us by how vigorously we resist the illegal and immoral war tactics of the Bush Administration. My husband, friends and I have decided we can’t pay for war anymore.
Jodie Evans, Cofounder, Code Pink
I won’t pay my taxes if you won’t pay yours.
Nina Rothschild Utne, Utne Reader
We should stop the war, whatever it takes. If withholding our income taxes is a way to do it, I am all for that.
Lee Newman, Retired Captain. U.S. Air Corp, World War Ⅱ
We must stop supporting policies that use our tax dollars to bring violence around the world. Not one cent more.
Maricela Guzman, Iraq War Veteran U.S. Navy,
I am one of the majority of Americans who want the war to end and will be happy to pay my taxes when democracy and the rule of law and the Constitution is restored to our once great nation.
Steve Savitch, Tuscon, Arizona
I increased my deductions to 10 . I am so glad for this movement to show me what to do next and for the safety in numbers. I will no longer help kill people.
andee Scott, Pacific Grove, California
We must renew the American Revolutionary Spirit. We must have a Velvet Revolution to save America.
Theadora de Soyza, New Rochelle, New York
If our leaders won’t stop this travesty, then We, the People must
anonymous, Oregon, Wisconsin
Stop feeding the bush war machine… if he thinks the war is so damn important why aren’t his daughters on the front lines?
Gina Arcuri, Barneveld, New York
Time to act for justice and do the right thing. I refuse to pay a war tax!
Herb Gonzales, Jr., San Antonio, Texas
We must have the courage to take a stand. If enough of us will take this stand, I believe this government will listen.
Leo Anderson, Austin, Texas
I will not pay my taxes to support the war in Iraq.
Renata Ahmed, Brooklyn, New York
As a matter of conscience I will not voluntarily pay my hard earned money to a government whose daily order of business is waging war.
Michael Zargarov, Houston, Texas
When government is out-of-control, citizens must exert control.
Den Mark Wichar, Vancouver, Washington
I refused to pay for an illegal war. It is unconscionable and disgusting that U.S. Congress continues to fund President Bush’s war-crimes.
anonymous, Ewa Beach, Hawaii
I am so impressed and proud of your actions. Blessed be.
Vicki Noble, Freedom, California
I may not have much to withhold, but it’s all worth it! It’s time to stop this crap…
Daniel Bryan, Granc Blanc, Michigan
Hell nay, I won’t pay!
Avi Peterson, San Francisco, California
United we stand; divided we fall.
Kristine Abney, Salt Spring Island, British Columbia
Taxation without representation. Let’s fight this together and start restoring democracy.
Shawn DeFrance, Dallas, Texas
Throw the tea into the harbor. 70% of the American people oppose this war. That constitutes taxation without representation. It is time to throw the tea into the harbor. Coincidentally, that is exactly what I have been saying. Let’s have a tea party.
Bobi Meola, Berkeley, California
We are retired and don’t pay any tax. I fully support your courageous efforts to end this bloody occupation.
Chris Caldwell, Anaheim, California
Yes and though dangerous, I pledge to join in not paying the 7% taxes!
Nat Vance, Muskogee, Oklahoma
I will not pay my taxes if we bomb Iraq. I will not pay my taxes if we bomb Afghanistan. I will not pay my taxes if we bomb Nicaragua. I will not pay my taxes if we bomb Vietnam. I will not pay my taxes if we bomb Laos. I will not pay my taxes if we bomb Cambodia. Therefore, I don’t pay my taxes.
Dani Visalli, Winthrop, Washington
Spend my tax dollars on the good of the nation, not war.
Jennifer Chacon, Portland, Oregon
Together we can bleed the war machine dry by using this non-violent civil disobedience.
anonymous, Modesto, California
Already had planned to put all of my taxes for in escrow. Refusing to pay 7% is a good start, but is it really impacting enough? As Michael Venturi suggests, they will only borrow from the resources for our poor to kill their poor. The war will continue, and the 7% will be stolen from the ‘lock-box.’
Alan Scouten, Charlottesville, Virginia
Thank you for organizing this.… It is time to act. CodePink consistently does excellent work.
anonymous, Olympia, Washington
‘A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual doom.’ — Martin Luther King Jr.
Thomas Fatone, Brooklyn, New York
Bravo. I have been advocating for just this to happen for several years.
Duncan Dow, South San Francisco, California
Cherish the people, defund the military machine.
Doug Mackenzie, Los Gatos, California
This is a great idea. Next a national strike!
Claire Chang, Gill, Massachusetts
I already signed onto NWTRCC’s War Tax Boycott, refused to file for and have quit my full-time job to live below the taxable threshold. If Congress won’t defund the war, the last bulwark of democracy, The People, must.
NTodd Pritsky, Cambridge, Vermont
This is a bandwagon that most Republicans should hop onto since they abhor paying taxes. Alert everyone you know about this cause there is larger safety in larger numbers.
Laura Martin, Clarkson, Georgia
Let’s protest with our dollars this time.
Maria Kanaan, Chicago, Illinois
Thank you all! If Congress wimps out by giving Bush more $$, than we must not provide it. Enough! I refuse to pay for murder.
Friend Burton, St. Louis, Missouri
Time to defund the war.
Larry Harper, Sebastopol, California
I consider myself in good company — like all the ‘traitors’ who fought off British control and taxation without representation, who wrote the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.
Friend Johnson, Cedar Falls, Iowa
Let’s put our money where our mouths are — since Congress doesn’t have the courage to stop funding war — the people will.
Susan Eleuterio, Highland, Indiana
Things have to change with this disastrous war and administration, and women will be the ones to do it.
Joni Goodale, Orlando, Florida
In a governmental system based on money and corporate profits, the most effective form of protest comes from withholding payment of taxes.
Daniel Woodham, Greensboro, North Carolina
Thank You! It is about time… I am so ready to join those who are ready to live their convictions.
Tighe Barry, Santa Monica, California
With 50% of the federal budget being used for military purposes, I cannot in good conscience pay for war while praying for peace.
Lincoln Rice, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
I will refuse to pay taxes for war even if fewer than 100,000 people pledge because I cannot in conscience pay for these wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Peter Smith, South Bend, Indiana
It’s about time citizens used their green to bring peace.
Heli Taylor, Los Angeles, California
Not one more dollar!
Deidra Lynch, Orlando, Florida

And this is just from those who have signed up by the beginning of !