Recent Tax Resistance Links of Interest

Some recent links of note:

  • The Mennonite Church USA is holding a Cost ☮f War webinar . Mennonite war tax resisters will be among the presenters.
  • The war tax resistance movement in Spain does a periodic census of war tax resisters there, asking them how much they resisted and, if they redirected the taxes, where they redirected. I don’t know how representative census-responders are of the war tax resistance movement there. I have a feeling that if we tried the same thing in the United States, we’d get a pretty small percentage of resisters responding. We’re not very good survey people. But anyway, according to their census the 258 people who responded to the Spanish survey redirected €18,088 to 92 different projects. The average resister redirected €70. Follow the link for more details.
  • Peter J. Reilly, at his Forbes tax blog, writes about the “hey hey just don’t pay” tax strategy. He writes about war tax resisters who see their tax debts erased by the statute of limitations and notes:

    I find this situation demoralizing. I believe that making an effort to be reasonably tax compliant (Perfection is impossible unless your situation is pretty simple) is one of the duties of good citizenship. I also used to believe that it was prudent even for people who are of the “taxation is theft” school of thought. I am doubtful of the latter now. It is still too risky for my taste, but I can’t make the argument that scofflaws are being reckless.

  • More attacks on speed cameras in France.
  • And more evidence that the Democratic party is gunning to use its new power to try to give the IRS a bigger budget and a more aggressive mandate.