Tax Resistance News from France, Italy, Ireland, and Spain

It’s time for another international tax resistance round-up:


The French government arrested eleven Breton activists and charged them with conspiracy to attack highway tax portals. Four remain in custody, and the trial has been delayed until . Supporters of the bonnets rouges have been rallying outside the courtroom.


The newly-declared Venetian Republic issued its first decree — that Venetians are exempt from taxation until the Republic is able to set up a tax agency independent from Italy.

The government has responded with raids and arrests there as well.

Fabio Padovan has called for a “satyagraha”-style hunger strike to support hunger-striking prisoner Lucio Chiavegato.


Resistance to new water charges continues in Ireland. Protesters in Cork blocked workers who had come to install water meters at a housing project there. This has reinvigorated protests elsewhere in Ireland.


The Spanish war tax resistance season has kicked into high gear under the slogan “disarm your taxes — not with our money.” The periodical Diagonal added an eye-catching infographic about how to go about resisting:

Find out… pay in… attach… explain… correspond… show off!