Tax Resistance News from Ireland, Spain, England, and Greece

More international tax resistance news:

  • Protesters against new water usage taxes in Ireland stumbled on the country’s deputy prime minister leaving an unrelated event, surrounded her car, and trapped her there for two hours.
  • In a clever protest against high theater taxes in Spain, a theater company there has begun selling pornographic magazines with “free” theater tickets attached to avoid the tax. Magazines are taxed at about 4% while theater tickets get hit with a 21% tax.
  • London Mayor Boris Johnson was born in the United States, though he hasn’t lived there since he was five years old. But that makes him a U.S. citizen, and so the U.S. government presumes to be able to tax him no matter where he lives or where he earns his income. Recently, Boris told the IRS to take a hike.
  • Greece’s “won’t pay” movement is expanding into auction disruption. “Vampire-banks, recapitalized with tens of billions of euros from the balance belonging to the Greek people, return to boldly vacuum up their riches by taking people’s property. All of us who participate in the vast movement against the auctions say we will not help them.”