Pro-Tax U.S. Liberals Criticize Cindy Sheehan’s War Tax Resistance

Some years back, Cindy Sheehan, furious at the war that had killed her son, and increasingly upset at government deceit, decided to withdraw her financial support from the federal government by resisting taxes.

She chose to refuse to file returns — completely withdrawing her cooperation from the IRS. The IRS has since called her on the carpet and asked her to tell them details about her assets (so they can decide what to seize). She has also refused to comply with this.

In a recent post on her blog Sheehan discusses her case, and also some of the criticism she has been getting from pro-tax American liberals.

Even in the years that they are trying to collect 105k in back taxes, fines, and interest, I re-invested most of the money I ever made by speaker’s fees, donations, or book sales right back into the movement. Now, I intentionally live simply and don’t own anything the establishment considers of value. If the IRS goes looking for my assets, they will not find anything. If I had some kind of secret trust fund, I certainly wouldn’t be scraping by for rent money every month.

I don’t own anything and I don’t want or even need to own anything that the 1% tells me that I need to own to make my life “worthwhile.” I have had to pare my life down to one that is oriented, not around things, but around ideas, people, activism, peace and mostly, love.

We’re not paying the household tax — Campaign Against Household & Water Taxes

According to the Irish Times,

A group fighting the new household charge are holding a meeting at the Teacher’s Club on Parnell Square in Dublin to gear up their campaign for non-payment.

TDs Joe Higgins, Clare Daly, Joan Collins, Richard Boyd Barrett, John Lyons, Mick Wallace, Thomas Pringle and Séamus Healy, MEP Paul Murphy and councillors Ruth Coppinger and Ted Tynan launched a national hotline for their campaign against the household charge and water charge .

The campaign has a website.