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From The Cambrian, :

We regret to state that accounts have been received from Lisbon, dated , of a serious disturbance in the wine country on the Douro attended with the loss of many lives. This melancholy affair took place in the district of Felguieras, in consequence of an attempt of the tax-gatherers to levy a new impost on wine. The farmers had resolved to oppose it, and they were aided by a vast number of the country people who collected in the district of Pena-Cova, ringing the church-bells, and calling upon the inhabitants of the place to arouse from their lethargy, vociferating “Death to the Contractors!” “Down with the Taxes!” It was with the greatest difficulty that the contractors, through the protection of the administrator of the district, together with the aid of a few other individuals, were enabled to escape with their lives. They afterwards returned with an escort of 30 infantry, but in the meantime a great number of men, headed by the Morgado Magalaes, a country gentleman of the district, had assembled at St. Martinho, armed, some with fowling pieces, but most with pikes or scythes. The soldiers seeing this array, retraced their steps, and took up a defensive position on a neighbouring height, from which, however, they were soon dislodged by the people, who pursued them, by firing a few shots at them and abusing them as robbers and oppressors of the poor. Next day a detachment of eighty infantry and some dragoons, under the command of Captain Guedes, attacked the insurgents, who stood their ground for some time, but at last fled and dispersed, leaving ten of their number dead on the field. The official journal of Oporto states that the disturbance had been completely put down, and the district was tranquil.