War Resisters International Capitulates in Tax Protest

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From the Lismore Northern Star:

Income Tax.

City Men’s Protest

The Treasurer. Mr. Cann, made a statement yesterday with regard to the resolution recently arrived at by a meeting of city business men not to furnish revenue tax returns until what they described as the present complicated acts are amended. He said: “If they are going to strike against the income tax acts they will find us all ready for them, and if they refuse to send in returns we will perhaps make penalty assessments which may make them more sorry than if they had furnished their own returns. As far as passive resistance to the income tax acts is concerned, I am satisfied that the law will be able to deal with them when it comes around. I propose to put companies on a flat rate, and this will do away with all this bickering as to who should pay, shareholders or companies. The companies will pay, and I do not propose that individual shareholders shall have to pay also.”