War Tax Resistance in Spain

Here is some more news from the war tax resistance movement in Spain. This comes from the Canal Solidario site (translation mine):

a goat wearing a banner reading Objecció Fiscal.

First signs of support for the work presented by the Coordinator. Thanks “Blanquita”!

The group Coordinadora d’ONGD i altres Moviments Solidaris de Lleida [Coordination of Development NGOs and other Solidarity Movements of Lleida] participates in the Military Awards

The first conclusion from the awards organized by the Ministry of Defense is that the economic crisis has not reached everywhere. More than €45,000 in prizes for praising the activity of the Spanish military and the military life.

These figures outrage, but in reality represent only the crumbs from the table of military spending in Spain, which exceeded €17 billion in .

Seeing as cuts in social spending (in cooperation, education, health, …) are emphasized in all administrations, we will try our luck in the “Military Awards.” The work we are presenting in the competition is “Tax Resistance, disarm your taxes,” and our dream is that, if the work sticks as a painting, we will win the prize for general painting (€7,000) in order to spend this money to spread the word about the tax resistance campaign that we are about to launch. You can support us on Twitter using the hashtag #EjercitoSinCrisis [economic crisis-free military]. Wish us luck!

Daily military spending in Spain: €47.24 million

During there was €17,244,750,000 of military spending (source: Report 7: The truth about 2011 Spanish military spending, Delas Center). Military activity is justified, even in times of crisis and social cuts, by the false idea of “security.” But, what if we would address international problems not from a military perspective but from the view of peaceful conflict management? Fewer humanitarian wars and more serious policies.

One option is tax resistance: the readiness to refuse to collaborate with the government in the costs of preparing for war and the maintenance of the military. It consists of diverting, in a simple way, a part of this tax to a project or organization that promotes the culture of peace.