Striking Graphic Design in the Spanish War Tax Resistance Movement

The war tax resistance movement in Spain has been ramping up lately. I haven’t found a whole lot of news to report, as the campaign itself and the techniques and rhetoric surrounding it are more or less the same as in previous years. But I have been impressed by the quantity of and the creativity shown in the graphics being used in the campaigns this year. Here are some examples:

Taller Objecció Fiscal Mallorca. No paguem. Quan la injustícia és llei, la desobediència és l’únic camí.

Tax resistance workshop in Mallorca. When injustice is law, disobedience is the only way. [Catalan]

No pagues la guerra con tus impuestos. Haz objección fiscal al gasto militar.

Don’t pay for war with your taxes. Engage in war tax resistance.

Si vols la pau no paguis la guerra! Campanya d’objecció fiscal 2014; Desarmem els nostres impostos!

If you want peace, don’t pay for war! 2014 tax resistance campaign. Disarm our taxes! [Catalan]

Objeción Fiscal al Gasto Militar Campaña 2014. Para que otro mundo sea posible, otra educación es necesaria.

2014 war tax resistance campaign. So that another world should be possible, other education is necessary.

Sabes que… (equivalències en diners)

Did you know… (cash equivalents) [Catalan]

Gasto Militar 0%; No Necesitamos Ningún Ejército; Haz Objeción Fiscal al Gasto Militar

Military spending 0%. We do not need any army. Engage in war tax resistance.

Desobedece y construye con tus impuestos. Objeción Fiscal, Campañ de la Renta.

Disobey and construct with your taxes. Tax resistance.

…desarma tus impuestos! …desobedece a todo aquello que te parezca escandaloso… …antepón lo legítimo a lo legal!

Our proposal: disarm your taxes! and of course disobey everything that seems disgraceful to you; prioritize the rightful over the legal!

Borra el gasto militar. Haz objeción fiscal en tu declaración de la renta.

Wipe out military spending. Make tax resistance on your income tax return.

Objeción Fiscal 2014: Desarma Tus Impuestos; No Con Nuestro Dinero

2014 Tax Resistance — Disarm Your Taxes — Not With Our Money