Americans Won’t Stand for a Fully Effective I.R.S.

Long time no blog. Insert various good excuses here, but also that my brain is going into one of its synthesis modes — I’ve spent weeks pulling in information and trying to integrate it piece by piece and now I feel myself starting to reorganize things. But until it starts to click, there isn’t much to report on — it’s all an unarticulable jumble. It’ll take a good night of weird dreams and then I’ll wake up with an “oh, yeah, that’s the metaphor I was looking for.”

So, until then, just an update to let y’all know I haven’t forgotten The Picket Line.

I’m going to try to stop with my detailed updates of the Abu Ghraib story here at The Picket Line — if you want to follow the story, I recommend Whiskey Bar a.k.a. Billmon, but in truth there’s good commentary and investigation all over blogland.

I won’t be leaving the story behind entirely, since it is turning out to be a good window on the issues of complicity, responsibility and willful ignorance that I bring up here regularly. But I’m heartened to see that many of these angles are being pursued energetically and well by others, and so I’m going to hold off until I’m confident I’ve got something to say that’s tightly focused and not redundant.