Adam Kokesh Interviews War Tax Resister Greg Reagle for Tax Day

Some bits and pieces from here and there:

A letter-to-the-editor by “J.H.” from the Friends’ Intelligencer:

I am one of those (I suppose there are others), who have felt an extreme unwillingness to help maintain our wars by the use of the revenue stamps, which were legalized expressly for war uses. Our forefathers would have made an emphatic protest against it, if indeed they would not have refused entirely to use the stamps, and borne the consequences, whatever they might have been. Within a day or two, in a letter from a young Friend, I observed his feeling on the subject; he said that at least we could restrict the use of checks (for example) wherever possible, and diminish in this way our contributions to the war fund.

A United Press Association dispatch that appeared in the Poverty Bay Herald on :

West African Trouble.

A Missionary Murdered

News from Sierra Leone reports that the head of the Rev. William John Humphrey, M.A., was found impaled on a stick. He had evidently been murdered. The Rev. Mr. Humphrey was for some time curate of St. Peter’s, Tunbridge Wells, England. On volunteering for missionary service he was appointed principal of Foura Bay College, Freetown, Sierra Leone, in .

[The trouble in Sierra Leone has arisen by the enforcement by the Government of a tax of 5s each annum on native huts. In many cases the huts are not worth 5s, and when the tax collectors went round in many of the people knocked down their huts and slept under trees. A number of chiefs were arrested for inciting their people to refuse to pay the tax.]