I.R.S. Files Court Papers Against Cindy Sheehan

The IRS has filed a petition asking a district court judge to compel war tax resister Cindy Sheehan to provide the agency with detailed financial information. She had previously declined to provide such information in response to an IRS “Collection Information Statement” summons. The agency is hoping to find assets they can seize to satisfy a tax debt that has accumulated since she stopped paying taxes in reaction to her son’s death as a U.S. soldier in Iraq.

“I see nothing but opportunity in this new development,” Sheehan says. “When those papers were filed against me, the Feds did something that I have been trying to do for years: put its evil, illegal, and immoral wars on trial. The Feds have thrown down the gauntlet against someone who has absolutely not one ounce of fear of them, and when it’s over, they’ll know they have been in a fight.”