Cindy Sheehan and Glenn Beck Make Their Cases for Tax Resistance

Cindy Sheehan is promoting a new book, Myth America: 10 Greatest Myths of the Robber Class and the Case for Revolution.

…I outline a clear path for grassroots communities, from neighborhoods to associations, to divorce ourselves and declare independence from the Robber Class.

…what can we do here in the Robbed Class? The so-called Ship of State that “turns slowly” cannot turn at all if the rudder keeps pointing in the direction of economic piracy for the Robbers and economic pillage for We the Robbed. We can’t turn the Ship of State around, but we can turn ourselves around… most of us move more easily than this Empire laden with corruption, anyway. It’s easier to turn a canoe than an aircraft carrier!

Among the steps she’s advocating are that people shift their savings from banks to credit unions, get out of debt, reduce consumption (and when you do purchase things, buy local and consider used goods) but consider stocking up on staple goods before inflation ramps up, and work to form small-scale barter cooperatives and mutual-aid groups. Tax resistance also makes an appearance:

Another thing to consider above the fact that our economy is intended to make us debt slaves to the banks for our entire lives, is that we fund our government’s war crimes around the world with our tax money. I stopped paying income taxes after my son was killed in Iraq because I paid for Empire with my own flesh and blood, but now, we are financing corporate welfare and still losing our homes and jobs. It’s not right and not paying your taxes will also send a message to Robber Class Politicians.

Glenn Beck is still trying to fan the flames of tax resistance on his Fox News show, without wanting to take any responsibility for doing so.

The latest episode has him interviewing Mark Everson, who was the IRS commissioner during much of the Dubya era. Beck opens the interview with the classic passive voice gambit: “Boy, this thing got out of hand.”

The interview has some interest, if only because the IRS rarely makes anything but boilerplate responses to questions about tax resistance. Now that Everson is an ex-IRS chief, while he hasn’t really changed his tune, he’s a little more freestyle with the lyrics:

What happens to people who would consider doing this [tax resistance]?
Well, let me first say, if I can… I share the frustration. The country has way too much debt and the projections for more debt are just sort of staggering, even The Washington Post today said it’s — the budgets are simply unaffordable. So, there’s a serious issue. But the right way to get at it is not to resist paying your taxes. It’s to vote. It’s to participate in the electoral process.
I agree with you 100%, I do. But let me just voice what people would be shouting that would buy into what the Coach said yesterday. What people would be shouting out right now, and that is: “I have voted, and I voted for a Republican and then I voted for a Democrat, or I voted the other way around, and I get the same thing: out-of-control spending. And they won’t listen in Washington.”
Yes, I share that frustration as a citizen and a taxpayer. And I think that there will need to be a line drawn. But noncompliance, willful noncompliance is not the answer. If you look at what’s happening in the country right now, there is a great deal of concern about the debt. Look at the bond markets. I know you have covered this, Glenn, and this will increase instability in our system, not reduce it, if people start to be non-compliant. Now, what will happen? The government will react and it will hold people accountable. The IRS will work with the Justice Department and people will do time in prison. And it’s nice to incite people and say, “Go to jail,” and say this will change, but I think that would be a stiff price to pay.
I would also say that in this area — this is not like hardened drug dealers where you throw one kid in the slammer and the next day there is another kid on the street corner pushing the crack. The government deterrents and enforcement programs will work if you actually demonstrate properly that you’re sending people off to jail, I think you will get compliance.