I.R.S. Levies My Bank Account (That I’d Closed Months Ago)

I’ve been away from home for the past several weeks and haven’t had many chances to get to my old-fashioned snail-mail. So I only recently found out that about a month ago the IRS levied a bank account that I closed back in .

They’re trying to get $4,680.14 in blood from that particular stone, which is what they figure I owe (along with penalties and interest) for my taxes. For some reason they aren’t combining that with what I owe for other years but seem to be going after each tax year individually in separate efforts.

I also got a letter from imprisoned war tax resister Frank Donnelly, who seems in good spirits and is looking forward to a release possibly as soon as . He tells me he’s been “getting letters from strangers in support of my tax resistance which makes me proud of my actions.”

If you’d like to drop a line (or send a good book) to Frank Donnelly (or Carlos Steward, also doing time for his war tax resistance), see this Picket Line entry for the correct addresses.

War Resisters’ International, which is based in London, reports that Inland Revenue is threatening to seize assets from the organization because it has been withholding 7% of its employees’ income taxes (equivalent to its estimate of the percentage of the British government budget that goes to war) since the tax year.

Some time after the organization decided to begin resisting taxes on behalf of its employees in , it devoted a special issue of its newsletter, The Broken Rifle, to tax resistance.