Meet Taxpayers When & Where They Pay to Encourage Resistance

One way of spreading the tax resistance message and of targeting potential tax resisters when they may be most receptive to that message is to propagandize them at the time and place when they make their tax payments.

This tactic is prominent in the modern war tax resistance movement, which often conducts demonstrations and other outreach activities on the day when income tax forms are due (for instance, around April 15th in the U.S. nowadays).

Here are some examples from the modern U.S. war tax resistance movement:

And here are a couple of additional examples:

  • “Instances have been brought to the attention of officials,” said a New York Times article about “pro-German agents in the United States” in , “where buyers [of World War Ⅰ ‘Liberty Bonds’] have been approached, apparently in a spirit of great friendship, and advised not to buy the bonds.”
  • War tax resisters in Spain held a “chorizada,” or barbecue, in front of the Palacio Foral in Biscay, to protest the “chorizada,” or swindle, of military spending, passing out pieces of “chorizo” (sausage) to passers by while promoting war tax resistance and redirection.