Two Ways You Can Help Those Landing Blows Against the Empire

If you’re enjoying the sight of Hillary Clinton whining and the various Sheikhs and diplomats of the world cringing and spinning in the face of the ongoing Wikileaks disclosures, you can show your appreciation by contributing financially to the people who took great risks to help make it possible:

  • The Bradley Manning Defense Fund is a project of Courage to Resist, which helps refuseniks of all stripes. Bradley Manning is the number one suspect in the leaks and is currently a prisoner of the United States government.
  • Wikileaks is supervising the release of the documents and trying to maintain a safe haven for people who want to bring other such secrets to light.

From The Montreal Gazette, (excerpt):

Most Alarming

Vast Membership of Peasants’ Union Startles Russia.

Will Not Pay Taxes

Members Decide to Boycott all State Owned Business.
Refuse to Join Militia
Workmen’s Union Welcomes Co-Operation But Says Armed Revolt Is Sole Way to Reach Democracy’s Ideal.

The swift organization and vast membership of the newly-formed peasants’ union proves even more startling than the revolutionary organization of the workers in the towns. The great districts in the provinces of Southwest Russia are joining the union en masse. In thousands of instances the people prove that they are much less simple and poor than they are usually said to be. They are largely able to buy rifles without extraneous subscriptions, and they agree in electing district committees. Their attitude towards the Government is similar to that of the urban artisans, but whilst the latter seek to destroy the regime by strikes and mass, the agitation in the great towns, the peasants are deciding to boycott all state-owned businesses, and refuse both to pay taxes or to supply the annual rolls of military conscripts. The enlistment department of the War Office, which should have now nearly prepared the lists of the conscripts for 1906, has been unable to obtain any names or figures in the large provinces. The workmen’s union, in welcoming the co-operation of the peasants’ union, tells them that the proletariat is struggling under the banner of social democracy, and will not limit its action to the foregoing means, but only when armed will the nation in revolution be able to repulse reaction and reach the democracy’s ideal.