Bradley Manning, WikiLeaks, and Our Responsibility

Doing the rounds in all the best circles these past several days has been an ongoing series of articles at Once Upon a Time… inspired by the recent WikiLeaks releases, the work of Bradley Manning in getting the information out at great risk, and the resulting media chit-chat.

The author, Arthur Silber, takes the opportunity for some meditation on responsibility, consent, obedience, support, and other such subjects, and caught my eye by dropping in some of Hannah Arendt’s thoughts on the subject.

I have to confess that between being out-of-the-country for a month and then a variety of things eating up my time in the days since I got back, I haven’t followed the Wikileaks/Manning saga at all closely, and I haven’t even had time to do much more than glance at this particular series of articles. I read enough to convince me to donate some money to Bradley Manning’s defense fund though.

That said, here’s Claire Wolfe’s take on it, and here’s Dana Visalli’s note on the wtr-s war tax resistance mailing list.