San Francisco War Tax Resisters Leaflet on Iraq War Anniversary

was the sixth anniversary of , and, not coincidentally, also . To commemorate the latter, I joined up with some folks from Northern California War Tax Resistance and set up shop at a BART station to hand out flyers focusing on the cost of the gargantuan war budget.

We were one of several groups doing this at BART stations around the San Francisco bay area during the morning and evening commutes. There were some other actions as well, including a march and sit-down style civil disobedience led by Iraq Veterans Against the War, and a good old-fashioned vandalizing of the Marine Corps recruiting center in Berkeley.

A highlight for me was running into the fellow from the IRS who organizes the VITA center I’ve volunteered at the last several tax seasons. I’ve never let on while I have been volunteering there that I’m a tax resister, but now that he’s seen me with my “War Tax Resisters Aren’t Buying It” sandwichboard, I guess I’m out of the closet. If I volunteer again this year, we’ll see if it comes up in conversation.

A few news briefs: