Code Pink Tax Resistance Campaign Gets More Support

A couple of brief notes from here and there:

  • Brad, at, advocates “countereconomics lite” — “legal and aboveground ways to reduce government intrusion into your wallet.”
  • There’s a lecture about the Boston Tea Party at the WGBH forum that looks interesting, though I haven’t managed to figure out how to get it to play on my machine.

Code Pink continues to register folks for its Don’t Buy Bush’s War campaign, including Rainforest Action Network founder Randy “Hurricane” Hayes and feminist icon Gloria Steinem.

Here are a few quotes from recent signers of the tax resistance pledge:

Brava to Code Pink for organizing a tax protest — as All-American as the Boston Tea Party!
Gloria Steinem
I gladly sign this pledge as time has run out for far too many and is running out for our very species. Such a time demands courage and strong action. Please join this action and help walk the path of living lightly on the planet and in tolerance with if not love for each other.
Randy Hayes
No taxes for war!
Dr. Cheryl Schimenti, Pioneer, California
My hard earned dollars (pennies!) will not go to kill my fellow human beings!
AnnaMaria Mauhs, Hamden, Connecticut
Read my lips, ‘No more taxes for this deceitfully contrived war.’
Judy McDonald, Frankfort, Kentucky
This is the best thing I ever heard since these war crimes started…
Ahmad Morrar, Fremont, California
This is the most powerful vote we can cast in this country.
Samantha Olden, Aptos, California
The only way we can vote for an end to war.
Sol Metz, Ann Arbor, Michigan
No taxes for corporations & their wars.
anonymous, Sunnyvale, California
No Money for Organized Crime, they need to work like everyone else.
Donny Smartmouth, Oly, Washington
This is an excellent plan and helps me to feel less frustrated by the political agenda of the US government at this time…
anonymous, Putney, Vermont
Deep in my heart, where I speak to god I know I can no longer contribute in any way to war.
Suzia Aufderheide
If Congress won’t cut off war funding, I will.
Jeff Kipilman, Portland, Oregon
I will be resisting my taxes and every year until our country does not engage in war. I have already signed onto the NWTRCC resist taxes list. thanks for your efforts together we all will make a difference.I have been a war tax resister for over . I am so excited that many more people may join us this year.
Susan Barnhart, Eugene, Oregon
For several months now I have been considering withholding my taxes. Now I can do it with many other people. Thank you.
Marilyn Cornwell, San Francisco, California
The revolution is happening all across the country and this year we are becoming unified. Remember, when you resist, you are not resisting alone.
Shizuno Wynkop, Olympia, Washington
I have also joined the War Tax Boycott through NWTRCC and will be withholding all of my federal income tax. It is time to have a conscientious objector status, or better yet, time to end war once and for all! Thank you Code Pink for making this a priority. You can count on me to do my part in this.
Sara Crawford, Eugene, Oregon
I do not want to be complicit in U.S. war crimes in Iraq or Afghanistan or Palestine or Lebanon or Pakistan or Iran and on and on…
Richard Brinton, Salinas, California