I.R.S. Allows Taxpayers to Download Records Agency Keeps About Them

The IRS is now allowing the people it taxes to download some of the information the agency collects about them.

I visited the IRS download site a few days back and was able to download the IRS versions of my tax returns for , my “records of account” from which included the tax return information and information about actions the agency had taken to try to collect from me, my “account transcripts” from which shows just the latter (the agency’s collection actions and other such status changes), and, most interestingly to me, something called the “wage and income transcripts” from . These gave a rundown of all of the assets or income that I have that have been reported to the IRS — including my health savings account, individual retirement accounts, interest, book royalties, and payment from clients for my contracting work.

This sort of information could be useful for tax resisters who are trying to foil IRS seizure efforts.

A couple of bits of international tax resistance news:

  • The destruction of automatic traffic monitors in Brittany and other parts of France as part of the anti-tax bonnets rouges movement is also being accompanied by less-destructive but almost as effective temporary disabling of these monitors by affixing stickers over their “eyes.”
  • In El Ojo Digital, Dr. Guillermo Enrique Avogadro called for tax resistance against the Argentine government of Cristina Kirchner. Excerpt (my translation):

    …in the spirit of constitutional revolution — a role that I assume with responsibility — I hereby propose that we attack this nefarious regime at its most essential front, tax collection (#NoPagoImpuestos). If we agree to stop paying taxes, as the Americans in Boston did with tea, we can force Congress to address the leadership vacuum the country finds itself in, and, with this, we can put an end to the imperial family and to its band of corrupt and genocidal criminals. If we do not, if we continue to play the role of sheep willing to work as slaves so that the President and her lackeys continue to fill their gorged saddlebags, that they squander on houses, planes, vacations, Football for All, Argentine Airlines, etc., we will have no future as a nation and Argentina will cease to exist.

    But instead, if we were to do like Gandhi in India, who peacefully managed to banish the British Empire and its local proconsuls, if we were to make real that civil resistance, the Government, underfunded, would be unable to continue its irrational policy of buying obedience and stealing the very plumbing out from under the nation, and, when the consequences of our joint conduct produces the final collapse of this sinister decade, all of those responsible, whether in government or private citizens, will end in paying the bill for this party with their liberty and their ill-gotten fortunes; something that is being proclaimed in this sense, by the permanent “escraches” that they are subjected to whenever they try to poke their heads out of their burrows, something that did not happen under previous governments.