Turmoil Over Taxes in Paris

France is still in an uproar, with taxes one of the primary complaints. The bonnets rouges plan another demonstration at the end of the month, but meanwhile farmers drove their tractors onto the highways around Paris , snarling traffic and thousands of equestrians facing a double-digit hike of their value-added tax rode their horses into Paris , while the destruction of road tax machines continues:

Breton protesters against the Ecotax, nicknamed the “lorry tax,” aimed at making heavy goods vehicles pay for polluting the environment through additional road levies, have destroyed more than 46 traffic radars. The damage is estimated at more than €6m (£5m), according to TV channel France 3.

The tractor blockade didn’t go so well. A firefighter on his way to work plowed into the back of vehicles stopped at the blockade and died, and so that became the message of the day. The government issued indignant demands that the blockaders surrender, and the farmers did abandon the one blockade chokehold where the accident occurred.

In other recent tax resistance news…