War Tax Resisters to Gather in Cleveland and Kings Bay

In addition to the NWTRCC National Gathering coming up in Cleveland in , there are two regional war tax resister gatherings coming up:

  1. The 24th Annual New England Gathering of War Tax Resisters and Supporters.

    This year’s gathering will be held in Williamsville, Vermont. Registration details at this link.
  2. The first South-East gathering of War Tax Resisters.

    A weekend of workshops and presentations will be held in coordination with the “Alternative New Year” gathering and vigil near the Kings Bay Trident nuclear submarine base at the Georgia/Florida border, at the beginning of . For details, contact Clare Hanrahan.

At Green Mountain CodePINK, Nathaniel Pritsky shares his reasons for backing down on tax resistance.

I’ve been debating publicly and privately about how I was going to respond when the State finally escalated their actions against me. Clearly this is a slow-moving situation and while it carries certain risks, going to jail at this point still isn’t one of them — come on, I’ve been resisting since TY2005, still walk free and only now have they gotten around to serving me?

I think I mentioned a while back that Ericka and I had discussed what my ultimate course would be as the Taxman ratcheted up the pressure, and we decided that I would eventually cave (we’ll cross, then burn, that bridge with the Feds when we get to it). So after letting the VT Dept of Taxes spin their wheels for a while — in the complaint they mention they’ve repeatedly tried to get me to comply — it’s time for me to drop this tactic in favor of other methods of resistance.

He shares the letter he wrote to the government begging them to cut him a deal and explaining his reasons for resisting in the first place.

Exit Nathaniel Pritsky, enter George Haeseler. Haeseler is dipping his toes in the tax resistance pond by holding back $200 of his tax bill and donating that money to a recently-established local war tax resister alternative fund.