Tax Resistance News from Sweden, Austria, Spain, and Venice

An international tax resistance news round-up:

From the Schuylerville Standard:

Syracuse Freshmen Suspended.

Forty-one members of the freshman class have been suspended from Syracuse University for refusing to pay per capita tax of thirty-five cents, levied on account of damages to property on “moving-up” day.

Trying to find a bit more about this conflict, I found other references to “moving-up day” problems. A few years later, the university asked students to take an oath both not to vandalize property and to actively discourage others from doing so. In :

Traditional Moving-Up Day exercises — during which graduating seniors are excused from mandatory chapel attendance, juniors take their empty seats, and each class subsequently “moves up” — are temporarily abolished after celebrating freshmen paint Sims Hall, streetcars, and campus monuments.

The initial article suggests that the administration tried to use collective punishment to smother the goings-on, which seems only to have provoked resentment.