Tax Resistance in “The Vote”

The Vote

This is a chronological index to the articles in The Vote: The Organ of the Women’s Freedom League that I have reproduced at The Picket Line that concern tax resistance.

No Vote, No Tax

auction of Marie Lawson’s goods, protest

Why Pay Taxes?

Margaret Kineton Parkes addresses an “At Home”; Dora Montefiore, Muriel Matters, Charlotte Despard

The Super-Tax on the Super-Man

George Bernard Shaw writes that he may inadvertently become a tax resister

Tax Resistance

unnamed “Clapton member” expects seizure/auction, protest planned

Some silver belonging to Dr. Patch…

auction, protest; Winifred Patch, Mrs. Manson, Miss Benett, Miss Lightman, Charlotte Despard

Tax-Resistance Meeting at Highbury

protest meeting, remarks of Charlotte Despard & Laurence Housman; Winifred Patch, Miss Guttridge

Women and Taxation

Teresa Billington-Greig on the new Land Tax

Tax Resistance

Mark Wilks on his and Elizabeth Wilks’s resistance

Trafalgar Square Mass Meeting

remarks of Anne Cobden Sanderson, Ayres Purdie, Mrs. Nevinson

No Vote, No Taxes

attempts to get other suffrage groups to adopt tax resistance

Why Pay Taxes?

Teresa Billington-Grieg’s exhortation; early resisters: Charlotte Babb, Henrietta Müller, Anna Maria & Mary Priestman, Dora Montefiore

Outdoor Meetings

Margaret Kineton Parkes, mention in the Manchester Evening Chronicle

Why Pay Taxes?

Ethel Ayres Purdie helps married women resist taxes

Welsh Campaign

Mary McLeod Cleeves in court for resisting carriage tax, note in Cambria Daily Leader; Marguerite A. Sidley, Mr. Hyde

Women’s Tax Resistance League

Anne Cobden Sanderson and Charlotte Despard address a meeting; Margaret Kineton Parkes addresses two meetings

Welsh Campaign

Mary McLeod Cleeves’s dogcart auctioned, protest; Marguerite A. Sidley, Mr. Hyde, Mrs. Ross

Married Women and Tax Resistance

text of a Women’s Tax Resistance League pamphlet

Women and Tax Resistance

Margaret Kineton Parkes addresses a meeting; Anna Munro

Tax and Census Resistance

Mrs. Jones-Williams resists; Mrs Francis resists; Mrs. Rose Hyland, Edith How-Martyn

Tax Resisters’ Protest

protest at auction of Bertha Brewster’s goods; Mrs. Gatty, Leonora Tyson, Florence A. Underwood, Miss Brackenbury

Women’s Tax Resistance League

Edith Zangwill, Alice Abadam, and Margaret Kineton Parkes address a meeting; Adela Stanton Coit, Stanton Coit, Miss Green

Passive Resistance

Mary McLeon Cleeves resists property seizure, Edith How Martyn writes protest letter; advice on resisting tax withholding on stock dividends; Elizabeth & Mark Wilks

Protest at Brighton

auction of Mrs. Jones Williams’s goods, protest; Edith How Martyn

Women’s Tax Resistance League

Evelina Haverfield, Margaret Kineton Parkes, and Anne Cobden Sanderson address meeting; Kate Raleigh

After the Census

excerpts from an editorial: what if all women resisted taxes?

Tax Resisters At Woodbridge

Constance E. Andrews on Mrs. Lane’s dog license resistance; Mrs. Stansfield, Isabel Tippett

Women and Taxation

Marie Lawson shares her lawyer’s letter to the Inland Revenue Department

Imprisonment of Miss Andrews at Ipswich

Constance E. Andrews; Elizabeth Knight’s and Mrs. Lane’s waggon auctioned; Edith How Martyn, Alison Neilans, Isabel Tippett, Charlotte Despard, Marguerite A. Sidley

Caxton Hall Meeting

Charlotte Despard addresses meeting on her own resistance

Sale of Mrs. Despard’s Goods

short-notice auction of Charlotte Despard’s goods

Tax Resistance League

Margaret Kineton Parkes, Louisa Jopling Rowe, Mrs. Louis Fagan, Laurence Housman; protest at auction of Sarah Benett’s goods

Caxton Hall “At Home”

Emma Sproson imprisoned for dog license resistance; Edith How Martyn

Miss Andrews Released

Constance Andrews, dog license resistance, big rallies on her release; Charlotte Despard, Isabel Tippett, Mrs. Bastian, Mrs. Hossack, Marguerite A. Sidley

Women’s Tax Resistance League

brief notes of talks by Margaret Kineton Parkes and Anne Cobden Sanderson; upcoming auctions of goods of Lilian Hicks, Katherine Heanley, and Kate Raleigh; Mary Evans, Mrs. Osler

To the Editor of The Vote

Kate Harvey protests the auctioning of her goods

Caxton Hall “At Home”

Emma Sproson released from prison, government goes after her husband, Margaret Nevinson remembers John Hampden

Tax Resistance in Wolverhampton

Emma Sproson on her dog license resistance

Tax Resistance at Wolverhampton

Frank Sproson on Emma Sproson’s imprisonment for dog license resistance

Mr. Churchill Questioned

Winston Churchill queried about the Sproson case, and gives his defense of the government’s acts; Edith How Martyn

Women’s Tax Resistance League

Margaret Kineton Parkes addresses meetings; protest at auctioning of Mrs. Muir’s goods; Miss Merrifield, Colonel Kensington, Mr. & Mrs. Baker, Edith Kate Lelacheur, Sarah Grand, Emily Juson Kerr, Ethel Fennings

Branch Notes: Croydon

Edith How Martyn spoke on the Sproson case.

Tax Resistance

Janet Legate Bunten’s goods seized; Mrs. Darent Harrison’s goods auctioned, big protest; Margaret Kineton Parkes, Anna Munro

Tax Resistance

Gertrude Eatons’s goods auctioned, Anne Cobden Sanderson addresses crowd, protest; Marion McKenzie’s goods auctioned, protest; Margaret Kineton Parkes, Florence Hamilton, Mrs. Clarkson Swann, Muriel Matters, Violet Tillard

Tax Resistance

Miss Nelligan’s goods auctioned, Anne Cobden Sanderson addresses crowd; Marianne Clarendon Hyde bids; Mrs. Cameron Swann, Mrs. Hyde

Tax Resistance

Kate Raleigh’s goods auctioned, Anne Cobden Sanderson and Emily Juson Kerr address crowd, procession afterwards; Marianne Clarendon Hyde, Alison Neilans

Women and the Land Taxes

Winifred Patch announces her Land Tax resistance

Holloway: Woman’s “Polling Booth”

rainy day march to protest Clemence Housman’s imprisonment; Christabel Pankhurst, Laurence Housman, Charlotte Despard, Margaret Kineton Parkes

Branch Notes: Mid-London

Mrs. Clarkson Swann and Emma Sproson address a large crowd

Tax Resistance in Liverpool

Mr. & Mrs. F.N. Hall’s goods auctioned off; Mrs. Hall gives an account

Branch Notes: South of England — Brighton and Hove

Mrs. Louis Fagan & Margaret Kineton Parkes to address a meeting; Miss Hare

The Women’s Tax Resistance League

Frances Ede’s and Amy Sheppard’s goods auctioned, protest; Kate Harvey holds a meeting, Laurence Houseman, Margaret Kineton Parkes, and Anne Cobden Sanderson speak, Mrs. Louis Fagan presides

The Women’s Tax Resistance League and the Reform Bill

resolution urging tax resistance as protest against Reform Bill

Imprisonment for Tax Resistance

Janet Legate Bunten sentenced; Nina Boyle

Tax-Resistance in Scotland

Janet Legate Bunten fined, refused to pay, sentenced to jail

The First Scotch Tax Resister

Janet Legate Bunten’s dog license resistance, and what happened in court; Nina Boyle

Tax Resistance: Meeting at Buxton

Charlotte Despard, Margaret Kineton Parkes address meeting; Emily Juson Kerr, Miss Ashmall-Salt

Is It Illegal Distraint?

Mrs. Tollemache’s goods seized; Nina Boyle, Janet Legate Bunten

Tax Resistance

auction of Mrs. Tollemache’s goods, protest at which Margaret Kineton Parks speaks; Janet Legate Bunten

Tax Resistance: Income from Investments

Ethel Ayres Purdie’s advice on avoiding income tax on investments

Mrs. Ayres Purdie Victimised

other tenants offended by her “Women Tax-Payers’ Agency” sign force her to find a new office

Political and Militant Work

urges readers to contact the Woman’s Freedom League if they or any women they know wants to learn how to resist

Tax Resistance

Miss Ball’s goods auctioned

A Tax-Resisting Cow

authorities try to seize Edith Kate Lelacheur’s cow, cow has other ideas

Tax Resistance

auction of Mary Sargent Florence’s and Miss Hayes’s goods, protest; Elizabeth Knight charged for dog license resistance, Mrs. H. Lane charged for trap license resistance, protest; Dorinda Neligan’s and Florence Gardiner Hamilton’s silver auctioned, protests; Emily Juson Kerr, Margaret Kineton Parkes, Alison Neilans, Lila Pratt, Emma Sproson

Tax Resistance

auctions of goods of Miss Carson, Miss Green, Elizabeth Wilks, Mrs. Gerlach, Mary Hare, Miss Symons, Kate Lelacheur, Mrs. & Miss Richards, Helen Alexander Archdale, and Winifred Patch, accompanied by meetings and protests; Kate Harvey barricades her house; Alison Neilans, Marianne Clarendon Hyde, Mrs. Merrivale Mayer, Margaret Kineton Parkes, Clemence Housman, Miss Thomas, Anne & Mr. Cobden Sanderson, Miss Gilliat, Phyllis Ayrtin, Emily Juson Kerr, Mr. Carlin, Miss Howes, Miss Pridden, J. Kirtlan, Nina Boyle, Mrs. Louis Fagan, Gertrude Eaton, Charlotte Despard, Helen Hanson, Mrs. Armstrong

Women’s Tax Resistance League

L.E. Turquand’s silver cake basket auctioned; Kate Harvey still barricading her house

Mrs. Harvey’s Unbroken Barricade

Kate Harvey’s barricade

Other Resisters: The Growing Movement

Elizabeth Knight and Mrs. Lane resist dog & trap licenses and have their waggon auctioned; Miss McGregor’s Rembrandt auctioned; goods of Mrs. Tyson, Lilian Hicks, Constance Collier, Mrs. O’Sullivan auctioned; demonstration planned at new John Hampden statue

Poster Campaign

three tax-resistance-specific propaganda posters

John Hampden Statue at Aylesbury

unveiling of statue is an outreach opportunity; Kate Harvey updates on her barricade; Charlotte Despard and Isabel Tippet address meetings; auctions of goods of Edith Morley, Miss Manuelle, Mrs. Skipwith, Mrs. Douglas Hameton, Mrs. Sky; Gertrude Eaton, Clemence Housman, Myra Eleanor Sadd Brown, Mary Sergeant Florence, Kate Haslam, Ethel Ayres Purdie, Margaret Kineton Parkes, Minnie Turner, Maud Roll, Mr. Lee, Mr. Sergeant, Anne Cobden Sanderson, Mrs. Louis Fagan, C.V. Drysdale, Barbara Ayrton Gould, Mr. Warren

Watch the Authorities!

Clara Lee notes a error by the officials in calculating her taxes

Tax Resistance

Kate Harvey’s barricade unbroken; auction of Maud Roll’s goods; meetings with Mrs. Alfred Nutt, Mrs. Louis Fagan, Anne Cobden Sanderson, Hugh Chapman, Maud Parry, Laurence Housman; Margaret Kineton Parkes, Honnor Morten, C.V. Drysdale

Tax Resistance

Kate Harvey’s barricade unbroken; auction of Marion Cunningham’s goods

Tax Resistance Protest

Mary Anderson’s goods auctioned; Mrs. & Mr. Snow, Mrs. Fisher, Anne Cobden Sanderson, Mrs. Huntsman, Charlotte Despard, Nina Boyle, Florence Underwood, Kate Harvey, Emma Fox-Bourne, Mrs. Lawrence, Miss Charrington, Mrs. Robert Barr, Mr. & Mrs. Galbraith, Colonel & Mrs. Eales, Mrs. O’Sullivan, Mrs. Croad, Miss Watson

Tax Resistance

Kate Harvey gets some verse while under siege

How the Government Defies the Law

Ethel Ayres Purdie on the upcoming arrest of Mark Wilks; Elizabeth Wilks

An Appeal to the King

Marie Lawson petitions His Most Excellent Majesty

Somerset House and Its Ways

The Mark & Elizabeth Wilks case; Ethel Ayres Purdie

“Mostly Fools”

C. Nina Boyle on the tax law writers; Mark & Elizabeth Wilks

Trafalgar-Square Demonstration

protesting the Mark Wilks arrest; Mme. Mirovitch, Herbert Jacobs, Anna Munro, Isabel Tippett, Mr. Futvoye, Mrs. Merivale Mayer, Nina Boyle, Margaret Kineton Parkes, Charlotte Despard, Mrs. Pankhurst, Margaret Nevinson, Laurence Housman, Mary Leigh, Mrs. Tanner, Mr. Kennedy, A. Mitchell, Elizabeth Wilks

The Government in a Knot

statements by Mark and Elizabeth Wilks; petition against the arrest; public indignation meeting; John Cockburn, Henry George Chancellor, Laurence Housman, Herbert Jacobs, Fleming Williams, George Bernard Shaw

In Hyde Park and Regent’s Park

Marianne Hyde and Miss Bennett address a meeting

Great Protest Meeting Against the Imprisonment of Mr. Mark Wilks

Speeches of Mansell Moullin, George Bernard Shaw, Laurence Housman, Herbert Jacobs, Henry George Chancellor, and Fleming Williams; John Cockburn, Elizabeth Wilks, Mary Leigh, Mrs. Mustard, Charlotte Despard, Margaret Kineton Parkes

Ignominious Defeat of Law-Makers

Charlotte Despard on the Mark Wilks case and its implications for the government; Clemence Housman

The “Favouritism” of the Law

Ethel Ayers Purdie responds to critics who say the arrest of Mark Wilks proves the law favors women


Suffragists Nannie & Jesse Brown’s father was an Annuity Tax resister in 1859

In Hyde Park

Charlotte Despard speaks on the Wilks case; Mrs. Mustard, Mark & Elizabeth Wilks

Branch Notes: Stamford-hill

Mr. Hawkins, Mrs. Tanner

The Men Who Govern Us

Nina Boyle on the release of Mark Wilks; Clemence Housman, Mary Leigh, Miss Evans

Tax Resistance

release of Mark Wilks, Ethel Ayres Purdie’s efforts; Mrs. Fyffe’s goods seized; Mrs. Louis Fagan taken to court, goods seized; Elizabeth Wilks, Fleming Williams, George Lansbury address meeting on Wilks case; Grace Cadell and Janet Bunten refuse to pay inhabited house duty; Lillian Hicks, Mrs. Williamson-Forrestier, Anne Cobden Sanderson, Margaret Kineton Parkes

The “Favouritism” of the Law

Ethel Ayres Purdie on the irrational tax law that goes after the husband for taxes due on the wife’s property; Mark Wilks

Tax Resistance

auction of goods of Mrs. Louis Fagan, Grace Cadell, and Mrs. Fyffe, protests; Men’s League supports Mark Wilks; Gertrude Eaton, Margaret Kineton Parkes, M. Burn Murdock, Anne Cobden Sanderson, Charles Baumgarten, Laurence Housman, Dr. Drysdale, J.M. Mitchell

Political News

Wilks case comes up in Parliament

Tax Resistance

Elizabeth Knight prosecuted for dog license resistance; report of protest at the Fyffe auction; Constance Andrews, Anne Cobden Sanderson, Constance Andrews, Mrs. Louis Fagan, Charles Baumgarten

Women Writers’ Suffrage League

that League considers resisting taxes on their secretary’s salary

Branch Notes: Stamford Hill

they appreciate the protest of Mark & Elizabeth Wilks

Tax Resistance

reception for Elizabeth & Mark Wilks; Elizabeth Knight summoned for dog license refusal; three Glasgow suffragists have their goods auctioned; Janet Bunten, Nina Boyle, Constance Andrews, Miss Hunt, Mrs. Spiller, Lillian Hicks, Mrs. Garrod, Charlotte Despard, George Lansbury, F. Pethick Lawrence, Laurence Housman

Victims of Justice!

Elizabeth Knight and Charlotte Despard still at large; Kate Harvey’s barricade goes on

The Organiser: An Impression

a look at the Kate Harvey barricade at Bromley

Suffragists will rally in force…

to greet Mark & Elizabeth Wilks

Women’s Tax Resistance League: A Reception

Mark Wilks, Elizabeth Wilks; R. Cholmeley, George Lansbury, Charlotte Despard, Pethick Lawrence

Tax Resistance

J.A. Hall’s goods auctioned; Ethel Ayers Purdie, Mrs. Hall

A Red-Tape Comedy [Part 1]

Ethel Ayers Purdie tells of defending Alice Burn in court; Elizabeth & Mark Wilks

Tax Resistance

the government goes after Elizabeth Knight; Janet Bunten’s goods auctioned; meetings, marches, and more; Margaret Kineton Parkes, Mrs. Fagan, Myra Eleanor Sadd Brown, Mark Wilks, Alixe Burn, Ethel Ayers Purdie

Enthusiastic Reception to Mr. Mark Wilks

Mark Wilks, Elizabeth Wilks, Captain Gonne, Robert Cholmely, Pethick Lawrence, Charlotte Despard, Anne Cobden Sanderson, Miss Bensusan, Decima Moore

A Red-Tape Comedy [Part 2]

Ethel Ayers Purdie tells of defending Alice Burn in court

A Red-Tape Comedy [Part 3]

Ethel Ayers Purdie tells of defending Alice Burn in court

Rally in Force!

the government breaks through Kate Harvey’s barricade; Isabel Tippett

Tax Resistance

Kate Harvey’s barricade broken; Isabel Tippett in court; Anna Munro, Lila Pratt, Mrs. Foster

Women’s Tax Resistance League

upcoming auction of Adeline Cecil Chapman’s goods, protest; Mrs. Cecil Chapman, Anne Cobden Sanderson, Myra Eleanor Sadd Brown, J. Malcolm Mitchell

Mrs. Harvey’s Sale

auction of Kate Harvey’s goods; Anna Munro, Mrs. Huntsman, Charlotte Despard, Margaret Kineton Parkes, Nina Boyle, Amy Hicks, Mrs. Clarkson Swann, Mrs. Snow, Mrs. Fisher, Elizabeth Knight, Anne Cobden Sanderson, Mrs. Kux, Mrs. Macpherson, Mrs. Smith, Florence A. Underwood, Miss Howard, Miss Rowell, Mrs. Thomas, Emily Juson Kerr, Miss Barrow, Miss Taylor

Tax Resistance

Women’s Freedom League decides to resist the Insurance Act

Government Rests Upon the Consent of the Governed

A parable by Margaret Wynne Nevinson

Success at Letchworth

Clara Lee, Charlotte Despard, Margaret Nevinson, Mrs. Tudor

Women’s Tax Resistance League

meetings, new pamphlets; Margaret Kineton Parkes, Mrs. Arthur Sykes, Edith Hulme

A “Person” Only in Finance

Janie Allan taken to court

A Distinguished Tax Resister

Mary Russell, the Duchess of Bedford, begins resisting taxes

Women’s Tax Resistance League

Mrs. Tollemache’s silver auctioned, protest; Margaret Kineton Parkes, Mr. Jeudwine, B.C.S. & Mrs. Everett, Mrs. Hartley Withers, Edith Zangwill, Ruth Cavendish Bentinck, C. Baumgarten

English Reform Bills [part 2]

brief excerpt from Helena Normanton’s article concerning tax resistance of the Political Unions of the 1830s

Women’s Tax Resistance League

Mary Russell joins; goods of Miss Baker, Mary Sargent Florence, Miss Hayes, and Ina Moncrieff auctioned, protest; Margaret Kineton Parkes, Nina Boyle, Agnes Edith Metcalfe, Amy Hicks, Miss Watson

Tax Resistance

reluctant auctioneer fails to sell the waggon of Elizabeth Knight and Mrs. Lane; goods of Mrs. Skipwith, Bertha Brewster, and Kate Raleigh auctioned, protests; Sarah Bennet, Myra Eleanor Sadd Brown, Constance E. Andrews, Anne Cobden Sanderson, Margaret Kineton Parkes, Ethel Ayres Purdie, Amy Hicks

The Federated Council Urges Tax Resistance

The Federated Council of Suffrage Societies unanimously adopts tax resistance; Mary Adelaide Broadhurst, Earl Russell, Israel Zangwill

Women’s Tax Resistance League: A Public Meeting

Earl Russell, Israel Zangwill, Mrs. Cecil Chapman

Distraint on a Duchess

Mary Russell’s goods seized

Women’s Tax Resistance League

auction of goods of Rhoda Anstey, Francis Ede & Amy Sheppard, Miss Rose, Kate Raven Holiday, Miss Corcoran, Beatrice Harraden, Mabel Hardie & Miss Gibbs, Jessie Murray, Mrs. Beaumont Thomas & Mary Sutcliffe, protests; Margeret Kineton Parkes, Dorothy Evans, Leonora Tyson, Amy Hicks, Anne Cobden Sanderson, Winifred Holiday

Tax Resistance

new barricade at Kate Harvey’s house; Mary Anderson’s resistance; mob attacks suffrage protest of auction; Flora Annie Steel has a manuscript chapter auctioned off

Tax Resistance

auctions against Kate Raleigh, Miss Weir, Miss Lees, Miss Koll, Honnor Morten, Misses Collier, Mrs. Hartley, Mrs. Hicks, Adeline Roberts, Dorinda Neligan, Miss James, Adeline Chapman, associated protests; Mrs. Darent Harrison protests mob attack on May 14; Margaret Kineton Parkes, Charlotte Despard, Kate Harvey, Mary Anderson, Elizabeth Knight, Anne Cobden Sanderson, Reginald Pott, Maud Roll, Myra Eleanor Sadd Brown, Louisa Thompson Price, Mrs. Nevinson, Teresa Gough, Mrs. Strickland

Tax Resistance

Mary Anderson’s goods seized; Elizabeth Knight summoned to court; Helen Smith’s, Miss Moncrieff’s, and Mrs. Portrey’s goods auctioned; Miss Hicks, Mrs. Tanner, Mrs. Tyson, Margaret Kineton Parkes, Charlotte Despard, Laurence Housman, Teresa Gough, Constance Andrews, Miss Bobby, Lila Pratt

Branch Notes: London and Suburbs — Harrow

protest when Mrs. Portrey’s goods auctioned; Margaret Kineton Parkes, Laurence Houseman

Branch Notes: Scotland — Edinburgh

the Sheriff Officer threatens distraint

The Duty of Tax Resistance

excerpts from Laurence Housman’s pamphlet

Tax Resistance

supporters rally at Kate Harvey’s barricade; Harvey appears in court, is sentenced; Elizabeth Knight’s waggon auctioned; Nina Boyle resists the Land Tax; Isabel Tippett, Mrs. Lane, Marguerite Sidley, Mrs. Huntsman, Anne Cobden Sanderson, Ms. Tanner, Ms. Mustard, Ms. Catmur, Ms. Pierotti, Ms. Green, Ms. Ball, Ms. Kux, Ms. Presbury, Ms. Johnson, Ms. Sanders, Ms. Pyart, Ms. Watson, Ms. Spiller, Ms. Sutcliffe, Ms. Moser, Florence Underwood, Miss Sanders, Miss St. Clair, Miss Lawrence, Mrs. Snow, Mrs. Fox Bourne, Emma Fox Bourne, Mrs. Fisher, Anna Munro, Margaret Kineton Parkes

Tax Resistance

Kate Harvey’s continued defiance; Nina Boyle represents her in court; Margaret Kineton Parkes

An Unlicensed Dog

Alice Walters resists her dog licensing fee

Tax-Resistance — More Comparisons

an example of female tax resisters treated more harshly than male tax evaders; F. Hamblin, Kate Harvey

Tax Resistance

Miss Cummin resisting taxes; Women’s Freedom League’s institutional resistance of the Insurance Act finally gets the authorities’ attention; another male tax evader (Joseph Lister) gets off easy while a female tax resister (Kate Harvey) gets the book thrown at her

First Imprisonment for Insurance Tax Resistance

Kate Harvey imprisoned on a 2-month sentence; another case of male evaders getting comparatively light sentences; letter from Kate Harvey; Charlotte Despard writes the Home Secretary; press release from Women’s Freedom League; Marie Lawson inaugurates “snowball” protest in support of Harvey; Florence Underwood, Mary Anderson, Nina Boyle, Mark Wilkes

At Headquarters

upcoming demonstration, focus on Kate Harvey case

“John Hampden”

a look at the historical tax resister, and women who resisted alongside him

Armed Revolt

Charlotte Despard on the Harvey case and the upcoming demonstration

At Headquarters

details on upcoming demonstration; Kate Harvey, Charlotte Despard, Nina Boyle, Amy Hicks, Anna Munro, Margaret Nevinson, Anne Cobden Sanderson, Emma Sproson, Mrs. Tanner, Isabel Tippett, Harry de Pass, George Lansbury, H.W. Nevinson, John Scurr, Mark Wilks

Mrs. Harvey’s Imprisonment

rallies and meetings; demonstration speaker schedule; Henry Harbin’s letter to the Home Office; Kate Harvey, Mrs. Hyde, Charlotte Despard, Nina Boyle, Amy Hicks, George Lansbury, Anne Cobden Sanderson, Harry de Pass, John Scurr, H.W. Nevinson, Mrs. Tippett, Emma Sproson

“No Taxation Without Representation”

Marie Lawson corrects the earlier piece on her “snowball” protest

Trafalgar Square Protest

summaries of addresses from Charlotte Despard, Anne Cobden Sanderson, Amy Hicks, John Scurr, and George Lansbury; meetings at Bromley; Emma Sproson, Kate Harvey

Tax Resistance

Kate Harvey case; Grace Cadell taken to court; Anne Cobden Sanderson, Eliza Wilks, Laura Grover Smith

“False and Fraudulent Pretenses”

Nina Boyle argues at length that the government hasn’t earned Kate Harvey’s money, or anyone’s really, because of its ineptitude

Women’s Tax Resistance League

another upcoming protest; Kate Harvey, Margaret Kineton Parkes, H.W. Nevinson

At Headquarters

indignation meeting on the Kate Harvey case; Charlotte Despard, Margaret Kineton Parkes, Mrs. Mustard, John Scurr, Nina Boyle

What We Omitted To Say

Ethel Sargant’s tax resistance; Margaret Kineton Parkes, Mary Sargant Florence

Branch Notes: Edinburgh

protest against Kate Harvey’s imprisonment; Grace Cadell

Mrs. Harvey’s Imprisonment

Kate Harvey released, in bad health; letter from Harvey; struggle to get homeopathic health care behind bars; an indignation meeting; Margaret Kineton Parkes sends a letter to the Home Office; Clemence Housman, Mark Wilks, Beaumont Thomas, Charlotte Despard, H.W. Nevinson

Branch Notes: Provinces: Burnage, Manchester

Miss Trott attempts to get local branches to support Kate Harvey

Mrs. Harvey’s Imprisonment

Message from Kate Harvey; mistreatment in prison; Forbes Robertson

The Worship of Athene

Katherine Raleigh lectures as a fundraiser for the Women’s Tax Resistance League; Marie Stopes

Women’s Tax Resistance League

reports of meetings; Margaret Kineton Parkes, Mrs. Diplock, Eliza Wilkes, Myra Eleanor Sadd Brown

Saul Among the Prophets

wry comment on Unionist tax resistance in Belfast

The “John Bright” Tradition: No Taxation Without Representation

legendary English statesman John Bright’s grandson supports his wife’s tax resistance; Mrs. Clark’s goods auctioned; Margaret Kineton Parkes

“Primitive Savagery”: Who Are the Savages?

more on the Unionist tax resisters in Belfast from Charlotte Despard, who says they’re treated with kid gloves by the government compared to suffragists

At It Again!

Kate Harvey’s barricades again broken, goods seized

Miss Lena Ashwell on Tax Resistance

Lena Ashwell speaks on tax resistance; Miss Ashwell, Mrs. Louis Fagan

Women’s Tax Resistance League

meetings; Handley Read, Constance Long, Laurence Housman, Margaret Kineton Parkes, Vernon Compton, Mrs. Skipwith, Alice Abadam, Winifred Holiday

The Sale That Was Not a Sale

seizure of Kate Harvey’s goods, attempted auction disrupted by supporters; Mark Wilkes, Mr. Bell, Mr. Webber, Mr. Steer, Mr. Jouning, Charlotte Despard

Women’s Tax Resistance League

meeting summary: remarks by Isabel Hampden Margesson, Laurence Housman, and Margaret Kineton Parkes; Isabelle Stewart summoned for dog license resistance; Sophia Duleep Singh, M. Lawrence, Myra Eleanor Sadd Brown, Kate Harvey, Clemence Housman

Mrs. Harvey’s Tax Resistance

Letter from Kate Harvey; Harvey writes the tax Surveyor; Frances Wood and seventy University of London graduates sign a letter of protest over the Harvey case

Women’s Tax Resistance League

meeting; Mrs. Webb, K. Balfour, Margaret Kineton Parkes, Winifred Holiday

Tax Resistance

Auction of Miss Cummins goods; Arrest of Captain Gonne (a man in a suffrage-sympathetic personal tax strike); Agnes Edith Metcalfe summoned for dog license non-payment; Nina Boyle, Jessie? Murray, Mrs. Baddeley, Mr. Powell, Mr. Roper, Margaret Kineton Parkes, Isabelle Stewart

Women’s Tax Resistance League

Margaret Kineton Parkes reports from her tour of Ireland on the progress of tax resistance there.

Mrs. Gonne Declines a “Doubtful Privilege”

Captain Gonne imprisoned; Mrs. Gonne petitions the King

The Political Outlook

the League continues to resist its taxes and the government seems to be ignoring it

Government Methods Applied to Business

a cartoon: shopkeeper wants both the money and to choose which product madam purchases

A Ridiculous Story

the scenario in the cartoon more fully fleshed out

The Women’s Tax Resistance League Announces a Debate

graphic of announcement of debate over Insurance Act; Margaret Douglas, Gertrude Eaton, Mrs. Louis Fagan, Amy Hicks, Anne Cobden Sanderson

Just or Unjust?

story about upcoming debate over Insurance Act; Margaret Douglas

Insurance Act Debate

Florence Underwood summarizes the formal debate about the Insurance Act

Women’s Tax Resistance League

Katherine Heanley taken to court; subsequent meeting with Margaret Douglas and Amy Hicks

Tax Resistance at Ipswich

Elizabeth Knight and Mrs. Lane have their waggon auctioned off again; Isabel Tippett, Anna Munro

The Hon. Treasurer’s Imprisonment

Knight asks for help defraying costs

Women’s Freedom League Annual Conference

W.F.L. encourages women to resist taxes, the Insurance Act, and also contributions to churches and charitable institutions

Tax Resistance

Elizabeth Knight still at large, waggon seized; Isabel Tippet, Anna Munro

Women’s Tax Resistance League

Kate Raleigh lectures on the taxpayer of ancient Athens; Ethel Sargent’s goods auctioned; Mrs. Bacon & Mrs Colquhoun to have goods auctioned; Francis Ede & Amy Sheppard to have goods sold; Adeline Chapman, Margaret Kineton Parkes, Nina Boyle, Anne Cobden Sanderson

Women’s Tax Resistance League

Miss Wraitslaw’s silver auctioned again; Mrs. Colquhoun & Mrs. Bacon have their goods auctioned; Frances Ede & Amy Sheppard have their goods auctioned; Margaret Kineton Parkes, Nina Boyle, Anne Cobden Sanderson

Women’s Tax Resistance League

Jessie Murray’s clock auctioned; Mrs. Beaumont Thomas & Mary Sutcliffe have goods auctioned; Miss Rose’s goods auctioned; Margaret Kineton Parkes, Mrs. Tyson, Anne Cobden Sanderson

The Government Moves Against Us

government interviews Freedom League members about group’s Insurance Act resistance; Elizabeth Knight and Mrs. Lane also under government scrutiny; Florence Underwood gets a letter demanding taxes

Who Will Bid?

Florence Underwood intends to auction off the anticipated writ announcing the tax action against her as a fundraiser


Elizabeth Knight and Emma Sproson still at large

Our Honorary Treasurer’s Arrest

Elizabeth Knight imprisoned, protest planned; Eunice Murray, Mrs. Tanner, Mrs. Mustard

The Arrest of Our Hon. Treasurer

Elizabeth Knight sentenced, arrested, imprisoned; Florence Underwood, Isabel Tippett, Madam Putz

Women’s Freedom League

its policy on tax resistance, census resistance, and the Insurance Act

Great Britain enters World War Ⅰ
the tactic of tax resistance was largely suspended during the war
Tax Resistance

Matilda Cubley resists dog license fee

Tax Resistance

A tax resister urges women to maintain the fight “at this time of national crisis”

The Writ Against Our Secretary

the writ against Florence Underwood arrives

Tax Resistance and Votes for Women

Marie Lawson, though paying taxes since the war started, is served with a writ for unpaid taxes from before the war, notes more draconian government collection process

Foundations of Freedom

Helena Normanton on 12th century resisters Thomas Becket and Hugh of Lincoln

Foundations of Freedom

Helena Normanton on the early history of tax resistance in England; Reed, Bate, Darnel, John Hampden

Dr. Patch’s Tax Resistance

Winifred Patch defies the court

Meeting at the Women’s Freedom League Headquarters

Winifred Patch, Elizabeth Knight, Pethick Laurence, Charlotte Despard, Kate Raleigh, Florence Underwood

No Vote No Tax

Winifred Patch gives a statement in court; Charlotte Despard, Dr. & Mrs. Clark; Evelyn Sharp, Emily Juson Kerr, Barbara Ayrton Gould, Bertha Brewster, Smith Piggott, Agnes Edith Metcalf, Margaret Kineton Parkes, Kate Raleigh, Julia Wood, Anne Cobden Sanderson, Gertrude Eaton, Mrs. Mustard, Mrs. Tanner, Sarah Benett

No Vote, No Tax.

Winifred Patch in court again; Dr. Clark

Taxation Without Representation

Kate Raleigh’s goods distrained; Evelyn Sharp in bankruptcy court; Winifred Patch

Tax Resistance

Mrs. Darent Harrison resists the tax collector; Kate Raleigh’s goods auctioned; Evelyn Sharp brought before the Registrar

No Vote! No Tax.

Mrs. Darent Harrison’s goods auctioned

No Vote! No Tax!

Evelyn Sharp undergoes government harassment

Women Tax Resisters

meeting includes Margaret Kineton Parkes, Anne Cobden Sanderson

Representation of the People Act of
enacts not-quite-equal voting rights for women
Miss Evelyn Sharp’s Bankruptcy Proceedings

women having won the vote, Evelyn Sharp tells the court she’s dropping her tax resistance

Women’s Tax Resistance League

Gertrude Eaton announces that the Women’s Tax Resistance League is declaring victory and disbanding; Margaret Kineton Parkes, Laurence Housman

World War Ⅰ ends

The Tax Resistance Movement in Great Britain

a book on the tax resistance movement by Margaret Kineton Parkes; Laurence Housman, Anna Maria & Mary Priestman, Octavia Lewin, Charlotte Despard, Mark Wilks, Clemence Housman, Mrs. Darent Harrison, Kate Harvey, Kate Raleigh, Anne Cobden Sanderson, Winifred Patch, Bertha Brewster, Elizabeth Knight, Mary Saregnt Florence, Gertrude Eaton, Evelyn Sharp

In Memoriam

obituary of Jessie Margaret Murray

Representation of the People Act of
fully equal voting rights for women

An Echo of Tax Resistance

excerpt from the obituary of Flora Annie Steel

“No Taxation Without Representation”

tax resistance in Bermuda; Gladys Misick Morrell

More Tax Resistance

tax resistance in France; Mme. Noel

Mrs. Florence Gardiner Hamilton

excerpt from an obituary notice

Notes from the Foreign Press

tax resistance in France; Mme. Brunschwig, Mme. Kraemer-Bach