Women’s Tax Resistance League Protests Tax Auction

The Vote

From the issue of The Vote:

South of England. — Brighton and Hove.

Hon. Secretary: Miss [Mary] Hare, 8, San Remo, Hove

Members of the Freedom League in Brighton and Hove are taking interest in the Tax Resistance Meeting, to be held in the Hove Town Hall on Wednesday, Mrs. [Caroline] Fagan and Mrs. [Margaret] Kineton Parkes will speak, and Miss Hare will take the chair. It is hoped that there will be a good attendance, as all are welcome.

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The Women’s Tax Resistance League.

On , a crowd of Suffragists of all shades of opinion assembled at Hawking’s Sale Rooms, Lisson-grove, Marylebone, to support Dr. Frances Ede and Dr. Amy Sheppard, whose goods were to be sold by public auction for tax resistance. By the courtesy of the auctioneer, Mr. Hawking, speeches were allowed, and Dr. Ede emphasized her conscientious objection to supporting taxation without representation; she said that women like herself and her partner felt that they must make this logical and dignified protest, but as it caused very considerable inconvenience and sacrifice to professional women, she trusted that the grave injustice would speedily be remedied. Three cheers were given for the doctors, and a procession with banners marched to Marble Arch, where a brief meeting was held in Hyde Park, at which the usual resolution was passed unanimously.

On , Mrs. [Kate] Harvey, of “Brackenhill,” Highland-road, Bromley, Kent, gave a most successful drawing-room meeting to a new and appreciative audience. Mrs. Harvey, who is a loyal supporter of Tax Resistance and had a quantity of her household silver sold in , took this opportunity of placing before her friends and neighbours the many reasons which led her to take this action. Mr. Laurence Housman was the principal speaker, and gave an address of deep interest and instruction on Tax Resistance from a historical standpoint. Mrs. Louis Fagan presided, and made an eloquent appeal for sympathy and support for this phase of the Suffrage movement, and short speeches were also made by Mrs. [Anne] Cobden Sanderson and Mrs. Kineton Parkes. Sales are expected in Reading and Holborn during the coming week.