The U.S. Torture Policy and Our Responsibility to Confront It

We’re wrapping up our vacation in Mexico today, so I’ll soon be able to contribute more to The Picket Line, which has been getting a little dry lately with all of these yellowing-pages and microfiche posts I’d been saving up.

Have you seen the NWTRCC website lately? We’ve been working on a redesign for several months now and it just recently rolled out. Ought to make the site easier to use, kinder to the eye, and easier to keep up-to-date.

Also, Clare Hanrahan, a member of NWTRCC’s administrative committee, has a fine op-ed in Couterpunch on the ongoing U.S. torture policy and our responsibility to confront it.

The Vote

From the issue of The Vote:

Some silver belonging to Dr. [Winifred S.] Patch, who is “sold up” every year owing to the fact that she refuses to pay taxes, was auctioned at Hard’s Auction Rooms, Junction Road, Highbury, on . A protest meeting was held outside, when Mrs. Manson, Miss [Sarah?] Benett, and Miss Lightman spoke on the injustice of the Government denying women citizen rights while insisting that they shall pay for upkeep of the State. A tax resistance meeting will be held at 3 o’clock, when Mrs. [Charlotte] Despard will speak.