Kate Harvey and Mary Anderson Barricade Homes Against Tax Collector

The Vote

From the issue of The Vote:

Tax Resistance.

More Barricades.

Mrs. [Kate] Harvey’s house at Brackenhill, Bromley, is barricaded again and decorated with posters declaring “No Vote — No Tax!”

Miss Mary Anderson, of Woldingham, has repeated her resistance of last year, and the only result of the receipt of the final demand for payment has been a determined barricade of her house. We honour these valiant resisters.

What One Man Did at Hastings: No Arrests.

The Women’s Tax Resistance League desire to make known a few facts in connection with the hooliganism that took place at St. Leonards on when a demonstration had been organised to protest against the sale of tax resisters’ goods.

“It is useless,” says the secretary, “to dwell upon the brutality of the mob, for these details have been given ad nauseam in the daily papers. The point which should be made known is that the opposition was organised by one man who had the whole of the unemployed at his command, supplemented by boys and youths on their half-holiday, and it did not in any sense represent the public opinion of the town. The police were absolutely unequal to the occasion, as only a few men were sent out instead of an adequate force, and in spite of the heathenish brutality no arrests were made.”

It is surely a grave reflection upon any town, and upon its Mayor, Chief Constable and Justices of the Peace, when they have to acknowledge themselves unable to cope with their own rowdy element, and to afford protection to a few women who have been ratepayers for many years. If this kind of treatment is meted out to a perfectly constitutional society when it attempts to hold a meeting and protest in a constitutional way, it is hardly to be wondered that women should be driven to employ other methods of protest.

Mrs. F.A. Steel’s MS Sold.

The first chapter of “On the Face of the Waters” in MS. was sold at Aberdovy on , under distraint for Mrs. Flora Annie Steel’s income tax. It was bought for £6 by a London publisher.