Women’s Tax Resistance League Declares Victory, Disbands

The Vote

From the issue of The Vote:

Women’s Tax Resistance League

The principle of the enfranchisement of women having been established by the passing of the Representation of the People Act of , the Committee of the Women’s Tax Resistance League have decided to dissolve.

At the outbreak of war, it was felt by a majority of the members of the League that, at the moment of national crisis, they could not continue their tax resistance, and it was therefore decided to suspend all active propaganda till the end of the war. The Committee, however, to the last moment held a watching brief, and representatives of the League have attended conferences and meetings of the Consultative Committee, before and during the passage of the Bill, and they were prepared to call members together should the need have arisen. Happily all danger is now over, and we may rejoice on the partial victory obtained.

Mrs. [Margaret] Kineton Parkes has written a little book, to which Mr. Laurence Housman has contributed an introduction, giving an account of the work done and the part played by the Women’s Tax Resistance League in the achievement of victory, and it is hoped that this will be published at the end of the war. It is also hoped that a meeting of old members of the League may be arranged when that happier time arrives.

Gertrude Eaton, late Hon. Sec.