Suffragette Tax Resister Elizabeth Knight Jailed

The Vote

From the issue of The Vote:

Our Honorary Treasurer’s Arrest.

While Dr. [Elizabeth] Knight is in prison we intend to turn every in-door and out-door meeting that we hold into a Protest Meeting against the taxation of women while they are unrepresented in Parliament. , we shall hold a meeting outside Holloway Prison, at 3.30, our speakers being Miss Eunice Murray, Mrs. Tanner and Mrs. Mustard. , we shall hold a joint protest meeting with the Tax Resisters’ League, further particulars of which will be announced in next week’s Vote. , the day after her release, we have arranged a reception to Dr. Knight at Caxton Hall. We rely on the support of our readers at all these meetings.

Also in the same issue:

The Arrest of Our Hon. Treasurer.

On our hon. treasurer, Dr. Elizabeth Knight, was sentenced at Hampstead to a fine of £20 and 19s. costs for resisting the National Insurance Act with regard to two maids, and in default of payment or distraint on her goods, one month’s imprisonment. No money being forthcoming, about the middle of May a warrant was issued for her arrest, but she was left alone until , when the police arrived at her house to escort her to Holloway Prison. On hearing the news, Miss [Florence A.] Underwood and Mrs. [Isabel] Tippett went immediately to see Dr. Knight; Madam Putz, hon. secretary of the Hampstead Branch, also arrived, and all accompanied Dr. Knight to Holloway.