Americans Stop Paying War Tax Early

From The New York Times, :

Must Pay the Soft Drinks Tax

The Bureau of Internal Revenue has come to the aid of confectioners who have been annoyed by customers refusing to pay the war tax. The bureau reminds the public that the repeal of the tax on soft drinks, passed by the House, has not yet been acted on by the Senate, and the tax is still in force. The public is reminded that willful refusal to pay the tax subjects a person to a fine of not more than $10,000 or one year’s imprisonment or both.

The Vote

From the issue of The Vote:

Women and the Land Taxes.

To the Editor of The Vote.

Madam,— I have recently received a paper from the Inland Revenue Office headed “Duties on Land Values. Notice to Furnish Information,” asking for the names and addresses of any persons to whom I pay rent or for whom I may collect rents, a penalty not exceeding £50 being incurred if this information is willfully withheld. Probably this, or in the case of house owners a somewhat different, form has been issued to many of your other readers. As I am denied the rights of citizenship I absolutely decline to facilitate in any way the carrying out of the provisions of Mr. Lloyd George’s Finance Bill, and am returning my paper with this written across it. I am hoping, through the Women’s Tax Resistance League, of which I am a member, to obtain expert information which will enable me to make it impossible for the Government to exact the £50 penalty, and will leave them with no alternative but to imprison me in default. Will other women join me in making this protest? I feel that there must be many like myself who would gladly risk imprisonment for the cause, but who, for various reasons, find it very difficult, if not impossible, to take part in the more active protests which have hitherto brought women into conflict with the law. I cannot help hoping that we have here another vantage ground from which to attack a Government which refuses us justice.

W[inifred].S. Patch
(Member of Women’s Tax Resistance League).