Women’s Freedom League Advocates Tax Resistance

The Vote

Excerpts from an article in the issue of The Vote:

Women’s Freedom League.

Our Position and Policy.

In the Women’s Freedom League initiated the first organised tax resistance campaign by which we tried to prove to the nation that we were the Constitutionalists of the country in upholding a principle of our Constitution that taxation and representation should go together, and that in denying this principle by their refusal to allow representation to the women whom they taxed, the Government were acting unconstitutionally. Ever since that time Tax Resistance has been one of the foremost planks in our platform. Not only does the Women’s Freedom League object to taxation without representation; it is just as strongly opposed to legislation being passed over the heads of women without women’s opinions being represented in the legislature, and has endeavoured to prove that the government of women without their consent is both a difficult and costly matter. The Women’s Freedom League also initiated the Census Protest, urging its members to resist and evade the Census. The result was that thousands of women up and down the country were not enrolled on the nation’s register, nor did they give any information concerning themselves. Before the National Insurance Act was passed the Women’s Freedom League declared its intention of refusing to comply with its regulations, and it has not paid one penny towards the insurance of any of its many employees. This Act not only imposes taxation and legislation on unrepresented women; it adds the further insult of asking women to collect taxes from other women who are unrepresented!