Kate Rayleigh’s Goods Auctioned in Suffragette Tax Dispute

The Vote

From the issue of The Vote:

Tax Resistance.

Articles of jewellery belonging to Miss [Kate] Rayleigh were sold on at the Chequers Hotel, Uxbridge, having been seized for non-payment of Imperial taxes. This is the second occasion on which Miss K. Raleigh, who is a member of the Tax Resistance League, has made a similar protest. The auctioneer was entirely in sympathy with the protest, and explained the circumstances under which the sale took place. He courteously allowed Mrs. [Anne] Cobden Sanderson and Mrs. [Emily] Juson Kerr to put clearly the women’s point of view; Miss Raleigh made a warm appeal for true freedom. A procession was formed and an open-air meeting subsequently held. Mrs. Cobden Sanderson presided. Mrs. [Marianne] Clarendon Hyde, Miss [Alison] Neilans and Miss Raleigh addressed an attentive audience. A resolution was passed protesting against the sale, and calling on the Member of Parliament for the constituency to support the Conciliation Bill when it comes before the House next year. The various Suffrage Societies were well represented.