Code Pink “Don’t Buy Bush’s War” Campaign Builds Support

A Martin Luther King, Jr. Day press release has helped raise the volume on the Don’t Buy Bush’s War tax resistance campaign. Excerpts:

“Inspired by the vision of Dr. King, we want to purposely put a cog in the machine of war tax collection,” said Jodie Evans, Co-Founder of CodePink. “We believe it will lead to a deepening of opposition as tens of thousands of people say, ‘I can no longer in good conscience pay for these acts by my government.’ The tradition of civil disobedience involves breaking a law in favor of a higher law. It is time to call for this powerful action.”

“I think that as a movement we can’t expect the war to end and at the same time pay its bills every month. At some point the bill paying has to stop, and then the war will stop,” said Bill Ramsey of the War Tax Boycott Coalition.

I note also that they’ve added some more groups, including United for Peace & Justice, to their coalition. I don’t see anything about the campaign on the UFPJ site yet, but if they make an effort to promote the campaign to their members, that could make a big impact.

People continue to sign the “Don’t Buy Bush’s War” tax resistance pledge. Here are quotes from some of those who have signed on in the last couple of days:

We have refused to pay war taxes . We will never pay for war. How can we? If you pay for it you will have it.
Rev. Don and Roberta Thrustin Timmerman
I could not stop this illegal war, but I shouldn’t have to pay for it!
June Forsyth Kenagy, Albany, Oregon
I knew it was an illegal war from the start and have looked forward to this moment of resistance.
Jack Heller, Topeka, Kansas
I call upon the American people to Resist War Taxes.
Craig Teichen, Chicago, Illinois
The only thing this rich people understand is the almighty worthless dollar. If they think a majority of us won’t pay our taxes for the killings they want, maybe they’ll think again.
Margie Lindsey, San Diego, California
I have been shamefully ignorant of what my country has been up to over the years with money from me. Now I say ‘no more murder in my name’ because I will not support it anymore.… Never again will I knowingly finance murder. I would rather go to jail.
Cliff McCutchen, Liburn, Georgia
I have been refusing to pay my taxes ever . Clearly, I have far more courage than your average American anti-war protester. It is scandalous that it has taken Americans four years to wake up to the idea of refusing to pay the war taxes.
Nabil Shaban, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
I have not, and will not pay taxes until we are out of Iraq and if we bomb Iran!
Chris Magda, North Port, Florida
I am happy to pay my assessed income taxes for peaceful reasons, but not for the war in Iraq and certainly not for further aggression in Iran!
Stephan Maddy Altschul, Monterey, Tennessee
I have had enough — this seems like the next logical step.
Kathy Ingallinera, Sitka, Alaska
This has been waiting to happen. I have been doing this .
Jesse Crumb, Eureka, California
I will not pay one more cent of my taxes to support killing.
anonymous, Holley, New York
No more taxpayers’ money for this immoral war.
Sandra Taylor, Marlboro, New York
Don’t want my tax dollars to support illegal wars started by this (or any) president.
Bret Vanderberg, Los Altos, California
I consider it an honor, and a service to humanity, to actively resist this most terrorist ongoing criminal syndicate in all of our human history, now lodged in power in the United States, regardless of any of its risks or even actual physical costs. Fulfilling this pledge to pay no tax, in order to end this nightmare, in the name of love, to all humanity, is among the least of the things I can now also do. Come on. Come get me.
David Busch, Los Angeles, California
My taxes will not kill anymore!
Connie Bergen, Kennebunk, Maine
No taxes to be paid, no more war to be funded — the choice is the government’s. I am not paying
Jennifer Suzanne Martino, Dixon, California
I have been trying to do this on my own and have not been able to figure out how to do it & pay the money saved to organizations helping the women of Iraq. With no success. So, I’m with you 2000% of the way. Do it.
Kossia Orloff, Durham, North Carolina
Get out of Iraq or I’ll stop paying taxes! Leave Iran alone or I’ll stop paying taxes!
anonymous, Rainier, Oregon