Google Coverage Getting Spottier

Some brief updates:

  • I’ve noticed that Google is indexing less and less of this site. There are something like 3,257 pages at The Picket Line, but Google is only indexing between 1,880 and 2,326 of them, and that number has been dropping in recent weeks. I don’t know why; their policies on what they choose to index are opaque and have a touch of the Kafkaesque to them. Suffice it to say that their index is an increasingly poor record of the content of this site. Unfortunately, it’s also what I currently use for the site search feature, so you may not always be able to successfully search for pages here that way. Consider using the possibly more comprehensive “Bing” search engine instead, or my manually curated topic index if you are having trouble locating something.
  • I filed my tax returns this year at the usual time, back in the Spring. But I filed them on paper, as I typically do, and with all of the pandemic chaos at the IRS it wasn’t until this month that they got around to processing them. And then finally today I got a notice in the mail with the amount outstanding + interest & penalties. There’s nothing surprising here; it’s the usual stuff, just a few months behind schedule.