I Sign for a Certified Letter from the I.R.S.

Another letter from the IRS today. This one was the ritual Certified Mail letter that’s supposed to make you sit up and notice because you have to sign for it.

It’s demanding that I pay up my 2014 taxes, announcing that they might levy my state tax refund (as if) “or other property” and giving me their low-down about the collection process, how fines & penalties are calculated, along with a bit of a shaming-threat (the “Notice of Potential Third Party Contact” which suggests they might contact such persons as “a neighbor, bank, employer or employees,” in the hunt for your seizables).

There’s not much new to report, but I’ve made a practice of keeping track of my IRS letters here in order to try to keep a record from which we might be able to discern some patterns in how the agency behaves.