The I.R.S. Sends Me a Notice of Intent to Levy

A couple of days ago I got a “notice of intent to levy” letter from the IRS concerning my unpaid federal taxes for the tax year.

This is par for the course and nothing unexpected. I get these letters every year. More typically they arrive in late Spring or early Summer, though, so this gives you some idea of how far behind the IRS has fallen on their usual enforcement schedule.

At the NWTRCC blog, war tax resister Ilene Roizman discusses her struggles in getting health insurance as a self-employed tax resister who does not file tax returns.

In the Obamacare era, health insurance is fabulously expensive, but if your income is low you can qualify for tax credits that take away some of the bite. The catch is that in order to qualify for the credits, you have to file your taxes.

Roizman discusses the trade-offs of various approaches to solving this dilemma, and shares her thought processes (and the help she got from the NWTRCC community) as she came up with a solution that works for her.

Although The Picket Line is mostly about tax resistance, I occasionally delve into other topics that interest me. One of these is “virtue ethics.” I’ve lately been doing a series of write-ups on individual virtues and posting them to the LessWrong site (LessWrong is a forum for the “rationalist” community). Here’s what I've done so far:

I’ve got another project that will be taking a lot of my energy for the next several days, but I hope to continue this series of articles on virtues after that.