The I.R.S. Sends Me a Notice of Intent to Levy

Another day, another letter from the IRS. The letters I got were a “Notice of Levy” concerning my tax year unpaid balance and a “Final Notice of Intent to Levy” based on my tax year unpaid balance.

Today I got a “Notice of intent to levy” (CP504) based on last year’s unpaid balance. It came by certified mail, meaning I had to sign for it (my best guess is that this ritual is of no practical significance but is just supposed to make the letter seem more important). They’ve prettified the layout of the CP504 notice, are using a friendlier font, and have made the language a little simpler and less bureaucrateseish, but it seems like mostly the same drill otherwise. It emphasizes that they’ll seize any state tax refund I might be expecting.

This was packaged along with a copy of publication 594 (“The IRS Collection Process”) and Notice 1219-B (“Notice of Potential Third Party Contact”).