The I.R.S. Sends Me Another Letter

I got another letter from the IRS. It’s a “Final Balance Due Reminder — Notice of Intent to Seize (Levy) Your Property or Rights to Property” letter.

This is the sort of letter they send me every year, but it’s a little rushed. It begins “As of , we have not received your overdue tax after sending several notices to you.” That’s got a strange smell to it. This is partially because , and the letter came . But also, they have not sent several notices to me about this.

Indeed, they only got around to processing my return a few weeks ago, and have since sent me only a single letter, correcting what they considered to be an error on my return — I neglected to take advantage of Trump’s one-quarter payroll tax deferral stunt because I would have preferred to have let my full tax amount apply to last year rather than carry some over into this year. Apparently, the IRS thinks that deferral wasn’t optional in my case (the way it was for most employers).

But I guess the IRS delay in processing returns this year has meant that they don’t have time for their usual array of “please pay up now” letters that they typically send before they get to this one (nor, apparently, did they have time to update the “after sending several notices” boilerplate on this one).