Claire Wolfe Sends Some of Her Readers My Way

Wow! Thanks! That’s fantastic news!

After some rooting around on I noted that in some circles, tactics like mine are being debated under the name “economic secession.”

For instance, this article suggests the tactic, this article criticizes it, and this one responds to the criticism.

Actually a big hunk of Gandhi’s program was in fact “economic secession” of this sort. The salt march was all about encouraging people to (illegally) replace their taxed consumption of imported salt with untaxed domestic salt. Similar was the Gandhian insistence that everyone in the independence movement should wear (and should personally take time every day to help create) homespun cloth rather than wear imported fabric (imported from Britain and taxed). The boycotts and pickets of liquor stores and opium dens were only partially aimed at the intoxicating effects of the drugs, but were also directed at the British monopoly on alcohol and opium.

The raj was worried enough that the viceroy sent troops out who beat people senseless just for harvesting salt.

I’ve said elsewhere why I’m not a Gandhian pacifist, but I was very much influenced by his insistence that the way to throw off the chains of the tyrant is by withdrawing the everyday economic support it thrives on.

Thanks. I’m on it!