Moslems of India to Stage Passive Revolt

An early dispatch from the satyagraha movement, from the New York Tribune, :

Moslems of India to Stage Passive Revolt

Plan to Give Up All British Titles and Honors and Resign From Civil and Military Positions

Also Refuse to Pay Taxes

Drastic Action in Sympathy With Sultan to Soften Turkish Treaty

Drastic action, through a “non-cooperation movement,” is planned in India among the Moslems, with Hindu assistance, to force the government to take action toward obtaining such modification of the Turkish peace treaty as will make it more acceptable to the Moslem world, according to advices received here yesterday by the India Information Bureau.

On , it is stated by M.K. Gandhi, a prominent leader in India of the Satyagraha (passive resistance) movement, the newly devised “non-cooperation movement” is to be put into effect, if by that time a favorable reply is not received from the Indian government. This movement, should the plans for it become effective, would be carried out in four progressively serious stages, thus:

First—Giving up all titles and honors conferred by the crown.

Second—Resignations from all government offices and from the legislative council.

Third—Resignation of officers and soldiers from all army duties.

Fourth—Refusal to pay taxes.

Hindu Leaders Join

The decision to this effect, the bureau says its advices show, was taken at a conference recently held by Moslem and Hindu leaders from all parts of the country. An executive committee was appointed to organise a volunteer corps to collect subscriptions and prepare the Indian, public for this movement, to promote which meetings have been held all over India for some time past.

The Moslems, it is indicated, hold that the treaty as it now stands will injuriously affect Moslem prestige all over the world, and their desire is to compel the Indian government to present their demands for its modification to the treaty-making powers, and have them made effective. The Moslems also hold that the Sultan, as their religious head, should have complete control of Constantinople.