Dispatches From the Indian Salt Tax Resistance Movement

From the Reading Eagle:

Indians Reject Viceroy’s Plan

Government Will Not Permit Natives to Make Salt — Riot

The working committee of the Indian Congress party voted to reject the viceroy’s proposals for a compromise settlement of the party’s demands.

Firm on Salt Tax.

The government refused point blank, it was said in authoritative circles here, to grant the Mahatma’s demand that Indians be given the right to make their own salt, holding that the present salt revenue law could only be altered by a legislative act.

The viceroy was said to be equally determined not to yield on the question of obstructing the sale of foreign cloth and the boycotting of British goods.

Would Not Pay Tax: 1 Killed and 5 Injured

An Indian revenue officer was killed and five persons were injured in a riot which followed the revenue officers’ attempt to collect taxes. Forty-six persons were arrested.

The mob met the collectors with a shower of stones and beat them with staves. The All-India National Congress organization was blamed by police for the refusal of the villagers to pay taxes.