Avoiding the “Work” Culture

Claire Wolfe has published her promised follow-up to the How to Avoid Work article I wrote about at . In this one she offers a vision of how we get from a world full of Work to a world where we’re getting done what we need to get done, and we’re getting by just fine, but we don’t consider it inevitable that we’ll all be orienting our lives around a Job.

“So how do you change that, Claire?” big, bald Carty challenged me. “You’re the ‘let’s do something about it’ gal.”…

“The first step is just for more and more people to take their work into their own hands. Take an honest, open-eyed look at what our jobs are really costing us — in fuel, clothes, day-care costs, taxes, lunches out, dinners we buy because we’re too pooped to cook, extra car payments, the gift exchange down at the office. Lotta people might find that their jobs — especially the second job in one household — are actually costing them money when they look at all the associated spending.…”