Newsreels from the Pathé Archives Show Tax Resistance Campaigns of Old

Thousands of old newsreels from the British Pathé archives have been posted to YouTube. Here are a handful that show some rare motion picture footage of tax resistance actions of the past:

The nicest way of being Arrested

“Tired of waiting — women councillors arrange by telephone with Sheriffs Officer to be taken to prison altogether at 3 o’clock!” This was part of the Poplar Rates Rebellion of (silent):

Les obsèques des ouvriers de l’usine Krupp…

Footage of the funerals of (and commemorative parade for) of Krupp factory workers killed during the strikes of the Ruhrkampf in (silent):

Footage of Gandhi

Here’s some footage released in soon after his imprisonment for sedition. It shows him addressing an outdoor Indian National Congress meeting (silent):

This comes from , at the time of the Salt March, and shows Gandhi addressing a crowd and large groups of people in “Gandhi caps” walking along with him (silent):

Rideaux Baissés et Portes Closes

Parisian shopkeepers and businesses shut down one afternoon in in a hartal to protest against new taxes (silent):

Footage of Irish Blue Shirts

This comes from a point in when the quasi-fascist Blue Shirt party had launched a tax strike. One person was killed by police during an attempt to stop a tax auction of seized cattle, and this newsreel shows footage of the funeral (silent):

Tax & Taxis!

Parisian taxi drivers blockade the streets outside the Chamber of Deputies in a tax protest:

Farmers Protest

Belgian farmers drive their tractors into the provincial capital in to protest a new tax, and a pitchfork-waving, paving-stone-throwing, tire-burning riot ensues:

Footage of a large meeting with Pierre Poujade speaking

From , by which time Poujade was trying to transform his regional tax protest into a national political party (silent):