New Hampshire Activists Plan I.R.S. Office Direct Action

Fans of the constitutionalist tax protester subculture got a pleasant surprise , when the D.C. District Court of Appeals issued its Murphy v. IRS decision.

The decision itself merely holds that compensatory damages awarded for emotional distress and loss of reputation cannot be considered “income” under the 16th Amendment (the amendment that brought us the federal income tax), and that if the Internal Revenue Code says otherwise, it does so unconstitutionally.

But expect this fairly narrow ruling to be selectively quoted by tax protesters for years to come. You can put it to music:

I can hear the piranha tank roiling.

Russell Kanning’s crew at the NH Underground is planning another action at the Keene, New Hampshire IRS office .

The planners are keeping the details to themselves at this stage (“we’ll be going to the IRS, telling them that we don’t like them funding murder and torture. Got some fun planned,” is all). I’ll keep you posted as I learn more.

The New Hampshire Underground Forum banner features Gandhi’s smiling face

And while we’ve got Gandhi gazing at us from their banner ad, I’ll mention a couple of Gandhi-related links that have hit my bookmarks recently: