Tax Resister J. Tony Serra Writes From Prison

Imprisoned tax resister J. Tony Serra sent a letter from prison to California Lawyer Magazine. It touches on his experiences as a war tax resister, but mostly shares his observations of how prison life has deteriorated since he last did significant prison time thirty years ago.

The collection of excerpts from Thoreau’s journals that I’m working on is really too big for a web page.

I like the advantages of being able to insert links to sources of information elsewhere on-line — for instance when Thoreau references William Gilpin’s Remarks on Forest Scenery, and Other Woodland Views or Benjamin Mirick’s History of Haverhill, Massachusetts I can link directly to page-images of the text, thanks to Google’s ongoing project of scanning in old books.

And I like that I can now link directly to a particular journal entry, if, for instance, I want to argue that Thoreau anticipated Nietzche or some such crazy thing.

But as a collection to be read over and pondered at leisure, it would read much better as a book of the pages between covers variety. Maybe I’ll fancy it up in some sort of layout software and submit it to one of those newfangled print-on-demand book publishing outfits. Anyone out there have any advice on this?