Dave Ridley Confronts I.R.S. Employees with Their Responsibilities

Dave Ridley has signed on to Russell Kanning’s campaign to drive the IRS from New Hampshire.

While Kanning got arrested trying to hand out leaflets to IRS employees in Keene, New Hampshire that implored them to renounce their jobs, Ridley tried a different tactic in Nashua. He walked into the office holding a handwritten sign that asked “Is it right to work 4 IRS?” and just stood there, silently facing the office staff.

He describes what happened next in an article for the Keene Free Press.

I have the right to remain silent. IRS agents have the right to quit their jobs. If that is not possible, they have a responsibility to work as inefficiently as possible when taking our money, and as quickly as possible when returning it.

I’m here to respectfully ensure they know that I do not appreciate what they are doing and to make them feel uncomfortable… morally, not physically.

There’s a new edition out of the “Death and Taxes” budget graph that graphically displays where the money goes in the discretionary federal budget:

If you’re curious what happens when you don’t restrict things to “discretionary” spending, the author has created a supplementary graphic showing the budget as a whole.